Japan responds to urgent needs in Afghanistan 

28 February 2011

Kabul, Afghanistan – The Government of Japan provided UNOPS with USD 19 million to protect lives and livelihoods in Afghanistan this week. 

Despite a decade of development aid, communities are still suffering from poverty, a lack of preparation for natural disasters and limited access to basic social services.

The new Arthal bridge will improve transportation between Northen and Southern Kabul city
The new Arthal bridge will improve transportation between Northern and Southern Kabul city

UNOPS has signed an agreement with Japan to implement three eight-month projects designed to tackle these challenges:

1. The construction of the new Arthal Bridge and the rehabilitation of the existing historic bridge and approach roads in Kabul

2. Snow clearance and avalanche prevention in the Salang Pass and snow clearance support in Samangan and Sar-e-Pul

3. Enhancing disaster preparedness and emergency response in Ghor Province

The first project will design and construct a new Arthal Bridge and repair the approach roads to the bridge, contributing to a safe, functional and integrated transportation network in Kabul City.

The second project focuses on accessibility during winter and will build new facilities, or repair existing ones, for the effective management of traffic and maintenance of snow clearing equipment. It will also provide management and engineering training to the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) personnel to enhance their capacity to clear snow and prevent avalanches. 

The third project aims to improve preparedness for disaster and post-disaster responses in Ghor Province, where people are faced with cyclical occurrences of flood, drought and snow disaster. 

Peter Krogh Sorensen, UNOPS Afghanistan Director and Representative, said: “The security situation is deteriorating, but we will continue to support the humanitarian and development efforts of the Afghan government. I am convinced that we can make a difference in the lives of Afghan population, thanks to the generous contribution from Japan.”  

UNOPS will work closely with the Kabul Municipality, MPW and the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), as well as relevant UN agencies for the successful implementation of these projects.
For further information, please contact Reiko Okumura, UNOPS Afghanistan Operations Centre at Tel: +93 702 218 445 or via email: reikoo (at) unops.org.

You can access the press release here in English (in PDF), Dari (in PDF) or Pashto (in PDF).