UNOPS in Nicaragua 

The Nicaragua Project Centre provides implementation support to a number of development initiatives on behalf of the Nicaraguan Government, the UN System and other international organizations.

Construction of a barrier at River Jícaro as part of the EU capacity development in water resource management project

UNOPS established the centre in July 2008 and signed a Host Country Agreement in March 2009. 

Operations in Nicaragua

UNOPS in Nicaragua offers project management, fund supervision and procurement services, focusing on health, physical infrastructure and comprehensive programme management. Currently there are several projects being implemented with the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua, the European Union, UNICEF, UN-Habitat and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation. The centre also receives operational support from the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office based in Panama.


On behalf of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health UNOPS is managing the procurement and distribution of drugs and medical equipment nationwide for the period 2009-2010. Within the framework of this project, UNOPS in Nicaragua has purchased almost 53 million doses of medicines for the maternal and child health sector and primary health care. It has also supplied 680 units of medical equipment for the operating rooms of the recently opened Hospital Roberto Calderón and community health centres for primary health care in several areas of the country.

This work contributes to Millennium Development Goals four and five and to the achievement of an efficient health service, a strategic priority of the Nicaraguan Government.


UNOPS in Nicaragua is supporting the acquisition of equipment and infrastructure to improve waste management in the town of Managua, as part of the ‘Procurement of Equipment for UNHABITAT’ agreement.

UNOPS will conduct the tenders for the construction of a waste transfer station and all associated equipment. Under the agreement, UNOPS is also procuring equipment for other regions of the country, such as waste disposal units and trucks.

Water and sanitation

El Rosario waterfall near the border between Nicaragua and HondurasIn collaboration with UNICEF, UNOPS in Nicaragua supported the initial management of a programme to improve access to safe water and sanitation services for people along the Caribbean coast. This programme, financed with Spanish funds assigned to the Millennium Development Goals, supports the development of the region in a range of ways. It is a comprehensive programme which works with different institutional levels and diverse indigenous groups. UNOPS has managed the preparatory phase of the programme, drawing plans together for all the different project components that UN agencies and their national counterparts perform.

Water resource management

UNOPS implements the Transboundary River Basin Project in Nicaragua and Honduras funded by the European Union. Its objectives include the harmonization of national rules of cross-border water resource management and the creation of strategic plans between municipalities that improve public access to water and ensure better water usage. The project also has a participation component that involves national and local governments as well as civil society organisations in the definition of common strategies for the conservation of water basins.

El Rosario waterfall near the border between Nicaragua and Honduras
Improving Governance of Water Resources thru the Creation of River Basins Entities. Click on the image above to watch the video

Local economy development

In line with the strategic goal supporting the ‘ability of people to develop local economies and obtain social services’, UNOPS has signed a grant agreement with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation to improve the environmental, housing and socio-economic conditions in Barrio de Acahualinca in Managua.
UNOPS main tasks fall under three categories:

  • Basic habitability: relocation of dwellings at risk; housing improvements; improvement and expansion of public services, areas and equipment, water and sanitation, streets, storm drainage, public lighting, leisure areas, etc.
  • Socio-economy: improvement of quality and coverage of public and private services regarding health, education, culture, professional training and attention to victims of violence together with other communities at risk, including resources and infrastructure, awareness campaigns, grants and other tools; stimulating and encouraging the local economy.
  • Financial and HR management: recruitment of technical and administrative staff; recruitment of technical assistance, office maintenance and equipment; vehicle maintenance; communication and visibility; assessment and follow-up actions; other general expenses related to project management and functioning.  



Improving Governance of Water Resources thru the Creation of River Basins Entities. To watch in full screen mode, click on the "four arrow" icon at the bottom of the video.

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