Since 1999 UNOPS has supported elections in 15 countries spanning four continents. Recent experience includes Afghanistan, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Iraq.

Conducting elections in peacebuilding settings represents a vast logistical challenge. Through its expertise in project management, security, infrastructure, logistics and procurement UNOPS has played a crucial role in supporting credible and transparent elections across the globe, facilitating the transition to democracy and boosting transparency in the public sector.

UNOPS works closely with national authorities, United Nations partners, and other stakeholders to ensure credibility and transparency. Where appropriate, UNOPS operates under the guidance of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs (DPA) Electoral Assistance Division (EAD), which coordinates election support to Member States.

UNOPS has experience delivering a wide range of census support services, including:

  • Infrastructure and equipment - All elections require critical infrastructure, equipment, and communication networks. UNOPS can identify, construct or renovate election offices, counting and media centres, and warehouses. UNOPS procures and installs necessary office equipment and communications networks, and provides fleet management services.
  • Electoral operation support - Elections involve voter registration, voter education, the electoral campaign, Election Day voting operations, results verification, and post-election activities. UNOPS can tailor operational support services to local requirements for all phases.
  • Staff recruitment, payroll management and training services - Numerous temporary electoral staff are involved in registration and polling exercises. Associated personnel, such as security forces, often require election-specific training. UNOPS provides a framework for vetting, recruiting, paying and training electoral staff.
  • Security advice and support – Security concerns during election preparation and conduct can require strong coordination, training, and advisory services for local and national bodies. UNOPS has considerable experience and expertise that help reduce risk and improve publis safety for these large scale events.
  • Support to electoral observers - The transparency of election procedures can reinforce their credibility. UNOPS can provide logistical and operational support for deployment and coordination of national and international electoral observation missions. UNOPS can also facilitate observer accreditation in accordance with electoral authority procedures.

Iraqi Elections 2009

In January 2009, Iraqis went to the polls for provincial elections, an event marked by more registered voters than in the previous elections, a 51 per cent turnout, and a low rate of invalid ballots.

Throughout 2008 UNOPS had assisted the democratic transition by providing support to the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC). The UNDG Iraq Trust Fund asked UNOPS to implement the electoral education campaign with support from the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq.

In 2008 the Campaign gave financial and technical support to 75 Iraqi Civil Society Organizations and grass-roots electoral education activities that reached more than 200,000 citizens across the country. In the run-up to Election Day the campaign organized 100 ‘opinion leaders sessions’ across the country, informing communities about the importance of elections.
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UNOPS in action

Iraqi Elections 2009