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UNOPS customizes its support to individual partner needs, offering everything from stand-alone transactional services to long-term management of development projects.

We provide this support in three main areas:

Sustainable infrastructure

UNOPS manages the construction of infrastructure projects that promote sustainable development for people in need. Read more

Sustainable procurement

With more than 30 years of specialized experience, UNOPS is a central procurement resource in the United Nations system and is working towards including sustainability considerations in all its procurement. Read more

Sustainable project management

UNOPS provides sustainable project management services in peacebuilding, humanitarian and development environments. Read more


Other services

In line with our mandate we also offer other services to help our partners reach their development goals:

Advisory services

UNOPS provides expert, not-for-profit advisory services that build the national capacity of developing countries in the fields of public infrastructure, project management and public procurement.

HR management

UNOPS provides services in recruitment and selection, pre-employment screening, contract administration and more.