UN common services 

As a service provider UNOPS has years of experience supporting United Nations partners across the world, ensuring efficiency and value-for-money.

The United Nations targets coordinated, efficient service delivery as a core aim of ongoing reforms. To deliver as "One UN", partner organizations in the United Nations system must take advantage of common services and develop shared administrative and technical standards.

The benefits are obvious. Avoiding duplication of facilities or services makes for efficient use of personnel and resources, reduced overheads, economies of scale and time, and strengthened synergies among partner organizations.

Where several United Nations entities rely on a mix of service providers, UNOPS can play a vital role in establishing common practices. 

UNOPS offers flexible, stand-alone services or comprehensive management. And with its global network of regional offices and operations centres, UNOPS can rapidly launch operations in new locations.
UNOPS offers a range of core United Nations Common Services:

Procuring common-user items

With broad knowledge of the global marketplace, established agreements with suppliers and the aggregate buying power to realize significant cost savings for partners, UNOPS can procure items swiftly and cost-effectively. Common-user items frequently procured range from office supplies to information and communications technology equipment to vehicles.

Negotiating and administering contracts for common services

Decades of experience performing operations for partners means UNOPS has the legal and administrative expertise to handle services such as:

  • Repairing and maintaining buildings and equipment
  • Archiving and records management
  • Conference services
  • Legal services
  • Printing
  • Information and communications technology services
  • Receptionist services
  • Security and safety
  • Travel services
  • Utilities (such as electrical and water supplies)

Designing, contracting and supervising construction of shared buildings and facilities

As the United Nations lead entity for physical infrastructure work in peacebuilding settings, UNOPS can construct shared facilities in even the most challenging operational situations.

UNOPS in-house expertise can design infrastructure of all types, procure necessary materials at competitive prices and supervise construction work to ensure constructions meet rigorous health and safety standards.

Human resources management

Similarly, UNOPS experience and access to unique, flexible contract modalities equips the organization to manage personnel of every type for its United Nations partners. UNOPS can oversee all aspects of human resources management including recruitment and selection, contracting, pay and entitlements, staff surveys and training.