Become a UNOPS supplier 

UNOPS registers all suppliers with which it does business.

If your company sells goods or services of interest to UNOPS, complies with our procurement policies and has export capabilities, you are invited to submit your company profile following the steps described below. If your company profile matches our requirements, we will contact you to request more information.

Please note that UNOPS:

  • Procures directly from manufacturers and authorized representatives wherever possible
  • Conducts competitive bidding for all procurement
  • Invites an appropriate geographical range of suppliers to compete in bidding exercises
  • Procures goods that comply with recognized technical standards and generic specifications wherever possible
  • Does not procure from companies employing child labour or from manufacturers of landmines and their components

If you have any complaints about UNOPS procurement activities or staff, please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence.

Apply to become a UNOPS supplier

UNOPS is interested in diversifying its supplier base and finding additional suppliers of quality goods and services at competitive prices, especially from developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

All applications to become a supplier with UNOPS are to be made via the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website

Please follow the instructions provided on the UNGM website. When registering with UNGM, companies should select "UNOPS" at the step "Select Agencies" of the application process.

For more information contact

It is in the interest of applicants to provide as much information as possible because contracts will only be awarded to suppliers that meet UNOPS supplier selection criteria.

Invitations to participate in bidding exercises

Once a company has registered with UNGM, UNOPS determines whether to include it in a list of invitees on the basis of the relevance of the supplier's products to UNOPS needs.

Receive UNOPS business opportunities by email

UNOPS strongly encourages all suppliers to subscribe to the Tender Alert Service available on the United Nations Global Market Place (UNGM). This will allow suppliers to be notified automatically of all UNOPS business opportunities for the products and services for which they have registered. Instructions on how to subscribe to the Tender Alert Service can be found in the UNGM Interactive Guide for Suppliers.