How to Report Wrongdoing 

UNOPS takes all reports of alleged wrongdoing seriously. In accordance with OD 36 - 'UNOPS Legal Framework for Addressing Non-Compliance with United Nations Standards of Conduct', IAIG has sole responsibility for conducting investigations within UNOPS and is the principal channel to receive allegations.

Non-staff members (e.g., staff of other UN agencies, contractors, or vendors) may also report allegations of wrongdoing directly to the IAIG.

Where to report suspected wrongdoing







Discrimination, harassment and abuse of authority


By email:

Protection from Retaliation

Ethics Officer 

By email:  

By telephone:
+45 45 33 75 00
New York:
+1 212 457 4080

Fraud and others:

- Procurement

- Corruption

- Other matters





Fraud Hotline

By email:

By telephone:
+45 45 33 45 33 (fraud hotline voicemail worldwide system)

By mail:
Internal Audit and Investigations Group
​Marmorvej 51
P.O. Box 2695
2100 Copenhagen

IAIG accepts anonymous complaints, excluding situations of possible sexual or workplace harassment.

However, it is often difficult for IAIG to investigate anonymous complaints as further information may be needed. IAIG encourages people to provide at least an anonymous email address.

Which information is needed

IAIG will look into your complaint and review the information you provided. When reporting misconduct or fraud, people are encouraged to be as specific as possible, including the basic details of who, what, where, when and how any of these incidents occurred. Specific information will allow IAIG to properly investigate your complaint.

For example, your complaint should try to include: 

  • Who is involved: Name, title, contact details of all people you think are engaged in the wrongdoing.
  • What happened: Describe the events as precisely as possible.
  • When did it happen: Dates, time, how many times, etc.
  • Where did it happen: Name of the office, city and country and if possible, the address (name of the building, the office number, etc.).
  • Why it happened: why the person allegedly committed the wrongdoing
  • Provide any documents (such as contract numbers) or witness names, etc.

IAIG then determines if your complaint falls within its mandate. If not, IAIG will refer the matter to the relevant office. After analysis, and if appropriate, allegations will be investigated to determine whether wrongdoing has occurred.

How to report retaliation

UNOPS personnel have a right to be protected from retaliation for having reported allegations of wrongdoing or cooperating in good faith with an audit or investigation. Any personnel member who fears retribution or retaliation after reporting suspected wrongdoing, or cooperating with an audit or investigation, can report the matter to the Ethics Officer at the following email address:

You can also look at OD 35 - 'Protection against retaliation for reporting misconduct or cooperating with duly authorized fact finding activities'

Please note - malicious complaint

Where a complainant provides information that he or she knew or should have known was false, the complaint may be considered to be a malicious complaint. The transmittal of providing knowingly false information to IAIG by UNOPS staff members constitutes misconduct. UNOPS will sanction any personnel who deliberately makes a false accusation or intentionally provides false information. However, honest mistakes or errors do not constitute misconduct.

Key documents on investigations

Click here to access investigations policies under the section 'Key policies relevant to the work of the IAIG'.