UNOPS management comprises experienced and dedicated leaders with backgrounds in the public and private sectors.

Executive Office

Jan Mattsson – Executive Director
Mr. Mattsson has been Executive Director of UNOPS since June 2006, having enjoyed a distinguished career with the United Nations over the previous 23 years. Just prior to UNOPS he served as Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the Bureau of Management of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where he was a leader of change management and organizational reform.
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Vitaly Vanshelboim – Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Vanshelboim joined UNOPS in July 2006 following ten years serving in various senior roles with UNDP. Before that he worked for four years with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission in Bosnia and Herzogovina and spent five years with the United Nations Office in Ukraine. Before his UN career Mr. Vanshelboim served in various capacities for the state and in the private sector.
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Thomas Ankerstjerne Lundum – Head, Executive Support Unit (ESU)
Mr. Lundum joined UNOPS in August 2008 as advisor for the UNOPS change programme, since he has worked on a range of strategy, management and organizational development initiatives, including development of the UNOPS strategic plan, 2014-2017. Prior to joining UNOPS he supported the Secretary-General’s reform agenda from various positions in the UN Secretariat, including in OIOS, OUSG DM and OUSG DPKO.
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UNOPS global and regional portfolio management

Maria-Noel Vaeza - Director, Partnerships Practice Group (PPG)
Ms. Vaeza joined UNOPS as director of LCO in July 2007 after serving with UNDP for 14 years where, among other accomplishments, she helped develop a strategic partnership with the European Union. She has also been a diplomat for the Uruguay Foreign Ministry and has worked for the World Bank.
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Bruce McCarron – Director, Asia, Europe and Middle East Regional Office (AEMO)
Mr. McCarron joined UNOPS in 2008 after various UN assignments in Western Sahara, Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has served as General Manager with a provincial Department of Works in Papua New Guinea and as Project Director for major capital works in Australia. His position as a gratis military officer with the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in New York steered him toward a career with the UN. A chartered professional engineer, he has degrees in Civil Engineering, Technological Management and Business Administration.
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Garry Conille  - Director, Africa Regional Office (AFO)
Mr. Conille has over 20 years of experience in the development sector and is a former Prime Minister of Haiti. He served as UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Niger and as Senior Advisor to Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her role as Co-Chair of the UN High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. He has also worked on the Millennium Project with professor Jeffrey Sachs and as Chief of Staff to the office of the Special Envoy for Haiti, former United States President William J. Clinton. Mr. Conille holds a Doctor of Medicine degree and was a fellow of the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Program.
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Fabrizio Feliciani – Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office (LCO)
Mr. Feliciani has over 25 years’ experience in sustainable development in Latin America, 15 within UNOPS. At UNOPS, he helped develop an innovative portfolio covering integral development, peacebuilding and human rights field operations. Among these operations were the PRODERE programme and Guatemala Truth Commission, two internationally renowned initiatives that made a significant and positive impact on the development and stability of Central America. Mr. Feliciani is an ecologist, holding a Doctorate in Agricultural Science from the Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Italy.
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Delivery Practices

Ricardo Vargas – Director, Sustainable Project Management Practice Group (SPMPG)
Mr. Vargas is a specialist in project, portfolio and risk management with over 15 years of experience in the energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, information technology and finance sectors. Prior to joining UNOPS, Mr. Vargas led and was involved in a wide range of innovative project management activities. He is also the first Latin American to be elected Chairman of the Board of the Project Management Institute (PMI), the largest project management organization in the world.
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Henrik Linders – Director, Sustainable Infrastructure Practice Group (SIPG)
Mr. Linders has over 15 years’ experience leading and advising sustainability projects. Prior to joining UNOPS, he led the compliance team at the World Bank’s Office of the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman, the unit that oversees the sustainability of the bank’s private sector investments. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, and certificates from the MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School.
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Therese Ballard – Director, Sustainable Procurement Practice Group (SPPG)
Ms. Ballard joined UNOPS in April 2012 after heading the Corporate Procurement Unit at the World Bank. She has extensive experience as a senior manager, adviser and change strategist in the procurement, purchasing and supply chain fields, with over 35 years of experience in the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and in the private sector. Ms. Ballard is a Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) and holds various professional certifications from Harvard, Oxford and the Wharton Institute.
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Management Practices and other HQ functions

Kim Fikry – Chief Financial Officer and Director, Finance Practice Group (FPG)
Mr. Fikry joined UNOPS in February 2014 after a successful three-year assignment as Chief Financial Officer of CamGSM, the leading mobile telephone operator in Cambodia. He has over 34 years of financial management experience in the consumer goods and telecommunications sectors across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. This has included working with The Coca-Cola Company for 10 years and with various telecommunications companies for 12 years. Mr. Fikry is a UK Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).
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Tina Friis Hansen – Director, People and Change Practice Group (PCPG)
Ms. Friis Hansen joined UNOPS in September 2008 following 12 years in various senior roles in UNDP. Ms. Friis Hansen has extensive experience with Change Management and Management Consulting with a focus on Organizational Development and Performance Management. During her career Ms. Friis Hansen has served in different strategic corporate roles to facilitate better management and help set standards for operational capacity across organizational structures both in HQ and the field.
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Karsten Bloch – Director, Corporate Support Practice Group (CSPG)
Mr. Bloch joined UNOPS in July 2004. He began his United Nations career in 1989 as a Junior Professional Officer after working with a telecommunications company. Mr. Bloch has extensive experience with both field and headquarters assignments for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the UN Secretariat, and the Inter-Agency Procurement Services Organization (IAPSO/UNDP). During his 25+ years with the UN Mr. Bloch has taken on a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of Procurement, HR, Finance and Information Technology.
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James Provenzano - General Counsel and Director, Legal Practice Group (LPG)
Mr. Provenzano joined UNOPS as General Counsel in February 2009 after serving with UNDP as Director, Procurement Support Office, and prior to that, as Director of the UNDP Office of Legal and Procurement Support. He previous worked at UNOPS from 1999 – 2003 as Assistant Director, Office of Legal and Procurement Support. Mr. Provenzano has also worked for UNDP, FAO and the UN Secretariat during his twenty years-plus within the UN system.
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Nicholas George – Head, Communication Practice Group (CPG)
Mr. George has worked at UNOPS since November 2008. Prior to joining UNOPS he was based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working as a speech writer and adviser to the Country Director of The World Bank. Mr. George has more than 20 years experience in both print and broadcast journalism and has worked for The Financial Times, among others, reporting from Europe, Latin America and Asia.
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Helen Davey – Chair, Headquarters Contracts and Property Committee (HQCPC)
Ms. Davey joined UNOPS in April 2007. Qualified as a lawyer in both England and France, Ms. Davey previously worked in private practice as an international project finance lawyer including 8 years with magic circle law-firm Freshfields and 6 with French law-firm Gide Loyrette Nouel. Ms. Davey has advised both public and private sector clients and financial institutions in respect of large-scale infrastructure projects across the world.
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Paul Lucas – Director, Internal Audit and Investigations Group (IAIG)
Mr. Lucas began his career with Deloitte (1995 to 2005) providing audit, risk management and forensic investigation services to multinational clients. In 2005, he joined UNFPA’s Division for Oversight Services as an Audit Specialist, before later being recruited as Chief to establish the organization’s Investigations Branch. He holds a Commerce degree from Macquarie University (Sydney) and a Masters from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (Boston). He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and an Associate Member of the American Institute of Certified Practicing Accountants.
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David Mitchels – UNOPS Ethics Officer
After 18 years in private legal practice, where his speciality was political crime, David Mitchels joined UNRWA in 1988, moving to UN/DPKO in 1999, and UNOPS in 2004, spending most of his years with the UN in Gaza as the Field Legal Officer, and Kosovo as a Senior Legal Officer and then Regional Administrator. At UNOPS he served as Chief, Office for Legal Services and then as General Counsel. Since 1 February 2009, as UNOPS Ethics Officer, he has participated in the UN Ethics Committee, which produced a new draft UN-wide Ethics Code, recently approved by the Secretary-General.
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