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During 2010 – 2013, four high-level goals will define the work of UNOPS. They are called ‘contribution goals’, since UNOPS contributes to the work and results of its partners.

The goals match UNOPS core competencies with demand and opportunities for its services.

1. Rebuilding peace and stability after conflict

This goal supports the creation of conditions that foster sustained peace and development in post-conflict situations and fragile states. Our support includes providing infrastructure services to construct roads, schools and hospitals; project management services to help strengthen police forces and clear mines, and procurement and logistics services, such as for large scale election projects.

2. Early recovery of communities affected by natural disaster

This goal focuses on recovery after natural disasters, following the emergency relief phase, where the stage is being set for rehabilitation. UNOPS services can support infrastructure damage assessments, followed by rehabilitation and reconstruction of affected areas.

3. The ability of people to develop local economies and obtain social services

UNOPS services can include physical infrastructure, income generation and procurement of health-related goods. UNOPS contribution focuses on economic development and social services at the local level.

4. Environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change

UNOPS services can help implement climate change adaption activities, protect international waters and vulnerable areas, address the environmental consequences of natural disaster or conflict and support small grants aimed at non-governmental and community-based organizations.

Cross-cutting objectives

Within each goal, UNOPS targets three cross-cutting objectives:

Gender equality and the empowerment of women

Keys to development and worthy goals on their own, gender equality and the empowerment of women are essential to peacebuilding and humanitarian relief and recovery. UNOPS aims to emphasize gender equality and the empowerment of women in all its efforts. 

National capacity development

UNOPS complements the efforts of UN partners towards this goal by providing relevant services and sharing its knowledge and experience. UNOPS focuses on excellence in implementation, an area in high demand and often low national capacity.

Environmental sustainability

UNOPS aims to mainstream sustainable procurement and sustainable infrastructure across all contribution goals and practices.