Sustainability, Focus & Excellence

2012 Annual Statistical Report on UN ProcurementUNOPS provides project management, infrastructure and procurement services that increase the effectiveness and sustainability of our partners’ projects. Our new brochure, Sustainability, Focus & Excellence, provides details about how these services have supported a range of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects. Alongside our operational results the report highlights our emphasis on national capacity, our drive for excellence in everything we do and our support to projects that have the most positive, long-term impact possible.

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UNOPS Strategic Plan 2014-2017

2014-2017 UNOPS Strategic PlanSustainability, focus, excellence and an emphasis on national capacity – these are the key messages of UNOPS strategic plan, 2014-2017. The strategic plan provides direction and focus for UNOPS and states how we will contribute to the peacebuilding, humanitarian and development results of our partners.

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2012 Annual Statistical Report on UN Procurement

2012 Annual Statistical Report on UN ProcurementThe 2012 Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement analyses procurement by country of supply, including developing countries and those with economies in transition. For the fifth year running the report also features a thematic supplement. The 2012 supplement focuses on sustainable procurement, in the context of the global drive to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

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Delivering Sustainable Results

Delivering Sustainable ResultsUNOPS supports more than 1,000 development, humanitarian and peacebuilding projects for its partners worldwide, by providing a range of project management, procurement and infrastructure services. Our new report, Delivering Sustainable Results, provides details about the outputs we helped create in 2011, and the ways we work to increase the long-term positive impact of these outputs. Alongside our operational results the report also covers other significant developments, including our leadership in the transparency agenda, our increasing work in post-conflict and low-income areas, and our growing focus on sustainability.

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Results That Matter

Results That MatterIn 2010 UNOPS implemented more than 900 projects - from managing the construction of schools in Afghanistan, to building shelters in Haiti and procuring educational computers in Argentina. Details about these projects, the financial position of UNOPS and the various ways we add value for our partners can be found in our new report: Results That Matter, published in July 2011. Alongside our operational results the report details other significant developments, including record business acquisition, a drop in administration costs and the certification of UNOPS quality management system to ISO 9001.

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2009 UNOPS Annual ReportUNOPS Annual Report 2009

The Annual Report summarizes UNOPS operations and financial results and in addition presents activities by each UNOPS contribution goal. The report includes a success story for each of the goals providing concrete examples of UNOPS work around the globe.

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UNOPS Factsheets

Factsheets are available covering a range of different topics - from a one page UNOPS organization overview to one for each of UNOPS services, sectors, regional offices, operations centres, project centres and country offices.

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UNOPS Strategic Plan 2010-2013UNOPS Strategic Plan 2010-2013

The success of UNOPS is measured by how it contributes to its partners. Guided by a set of core values and principles, the Strategic Plan identifies high-level peacebuilding, humanitarian and development goals to which UNOPS will contribute. UNOPS will focus where there are constraints in implementation capacity, filling capacity gaps and helping to build national capacity in its areas of expertise.

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