Documents for 2000

Please find documents from Executive Board sessions from 2000 below.


Documents from 1994 to 2017: 

2000 second session
DP/2000/13 Evaluation of the relationship between UNOPS and UNDP 
DP/2000/CRP.8 Evaluation of the relationship between UNOPS and UNDP: A joint review of the recommendations  
Evaluation report Evaluation of the relationship between UNDP and UNOPS
2000 annual session
DP/2000/25 Annual report of the Executive Director
DP/2000/25/Add.1 Internal audit and oversight activities
DP/2000/26 Updated review of the implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors - Report of the Executive Director
2000 third session


Responsibility of UNOPS in personnel matters
DP/2000/35 Progress report on follow-up to the evaluation of the UNDP/UNOPS relationship: Joint review of recommendations
DP/2000/37 Revised budget estimates for the biennium 2000-2001
DP/2000/37/Corr.1 Corrigendum
DP/2000/37/Add.1 Statistical annex
DP/2000/37/Add.1/Corr.1 Corrigendum
DP/2000/38 Report of the ACABQ on the revised budget estimates and procedures for establishing posts at the D-1 level