Documents for 2005

Please find documents from Executive Board sessions from 2005 below.


Documents from 1994 to 2017: 

2005 first session
DP/2005/9 Progress report of the Executive Director on the activities of UNOPS
DP/2005/10 Report of the MCC on the assessment of progress in UNOPS
DP/2005/12 Report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium 2002-2003
2005 annual session
DP/2005/23 Annual report of the Executive Director
DP/2005/27 Report on internal audit and oversight
DP/2005/CRP.10 Progress report on the status of the preparation of a comprehensive action plan to enhance the efficiency of business operations and achieve sustainable financial viability
2005 second session
DP/2005/39 UNOPS action plan
DP/2005/CRP.14 UNOPS action plan: supplement