Partnering with the World Bank

Over the past decade, UNOPS has provided a wide range of services to the World Bank, from procurement of goods and services to the management of complex projects, including in such challenging environments as Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Iraq.


UNOPS Strategic Plan 2014-2017 aims to develop strategic partnerships for knowledge and innovation with partners in the United Nations and beyond. Through these partnerships, UNOPS will strengthen its project management, infrastructure and procurement delivery practices, and ensure leadership and innovation in targeted areas of sustainability.


​UNOPS and the World Bank have built a strong partnership over the past ten years, delivering projects for people in need across a range of sectors.

Over the past ten years, UNOPS has provided support to more than 100 operations financed by the World Bank in more than 25 countries, including Afghanistan, Angola, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia, Madagascar and Nigeria.

Delivering sustainable results

In partnership with the World Bank, UNOPS has successfully implemented a range of projects, including the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, buildings and bridges; infrastructure assessments; project management and institutional strengthening; technical and design services; and the procurement of vehicles and equipment.

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Eight places around the world where UNOPS is working to improve health

Serbia Sierra Leone Guinea Liberia Ethiopia Myanmar Guatemala Nicaragua Peru Haiti