​UNOPS is actively promoting the transparency agenda by publishing a large amount of accessible information about our operations.


Transparency leads to better results. Seeing and understanding how development funds are being used increases the chance that these limited funds will be used effectively.

Improving transparency also helps governments in developing countries manage aid more effectively.

UNOPS transparency initiatives are in line with the Busan Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation as well as our commitments as a public body.

Presenting our data

​UNOPS was the


UN body to publish operational data to the IATI registry

​UNOPS was the


organization to geocode its IATI data



UNOPS activities around the world are continuously published


The International Aid Transparency Initiative

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) aims to make all information about aid spending easier to find, compare and use.

UNOPS joined IATI in September 2011 and in October 2011 we were the first UN body to publish our operational data in the IATI format.

UNOPS joins, among other members, the Gates Foundation, the World Bank, the European Commission, the Global Fund as well as a number of UN organizations, multilateral institutions, development banks and providers of development cooperation. Find out more


Supporting the work of IATI

Since September 2013, the IATI Secretariat has operated through a partnership between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNOPS, the Governments of Ghana and Sweden, and Development Initiatives.

The overall coordination of IATI Secretariat is led by the UNDP and UNOPS provides financial management, administrative and logistical support services to the Secretariat on behalf of the IATI membership.

Publishing operational and financial data

UNOPS publishes project-level information on a monthly basis to the IATI Registry, including all related financial transactions, for over 1,000 activities around the world. Publishing in the IATI format means posting raw data online, in an open-source, ‘machine-readable’ file. This allows users to take the information and analyze it as they wish, combining and comparing it with data from other organizations that have implemented IATI standards.

 In 2012, UNOPS launched, a new online hub that presents project and expenditure information in a more interactive and accessible manner.

The site uses maps and infographics to provide easily-comprehensible information about operations, for the benefit of our partners, the public and the development community at large. The data is updated on a daily basis, subject to legal and practical concerns.

In addition, the hub displays interactive information about UN-wide procurement activities, based on data provided for the Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement, which is compiled by UNOPS. It will also provide open aid data tools and resources that can be freely used.

Data from this site is used in various forms on, as maps and infographics, which provide easily-comprehensible information about operations to our partners, the development community and the public.