Information disclosure

​Accountability and transparency build trust between UNOPS and its stakeholders, whether they are member states, partners or the general public. They identify the organization as a steward of public funds, adhering to the values and practices of the United Nations.

UNOPS information disclosure policy outlines the type of information the organization will make available to the public and how this information can be obtained. It also lists the information that will routinely be published on the UNOPS public website.

The policy ensures that substantial amounts of information concerning UNOPS operations are available, except for limited and specified categories where confidentiality is required. These exceptions cover areas such as security, employee privacy and the deliberative process, and are listed in the policy.

In September 2011 UNOPS joined the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), reinforcing the organization's commitment to transparency and accountability. Find out more about UNOPS and IATI, or watch this video about transparency at UNOPS.


Information that is available on the UNOPS website includes: