As a United Nations organization, UNOPS applies the highest ethical standards to all its work and expects the same from its suppliers and partners.

The values of the United Nations Charter – including respect for fundamental human rights, social justice, human dignity and equal rights of men and women – guide and inform all UNOPS activities.

UNOPS has a zero-tolerance policy on accepting gifts

Read the Administrative Instruction (AI) document: 'Prohibition of accepting gifts, honours, decorations, favours or non-UN remuneration or benefits from governmental and non-governmental sources.'

In addition, UNOPS promotes supporting agreements and guidelines, such as the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

UNOPS ethics policy

In defining its corporate ethics policy, UNOPS conforms to the positions of the Ethics Office of the United Nations Secretariat and issuances therefrom.

The terms of reference of the Ethics Office are set out in the Secretary-General's bulletin ST/SGB/2005/22.

Ethical standards of UNOPS personnel

All UNOPS employees who are hired as staff members are subject to the basic rights and duties of United Nations staff members. UNOPS expects the same ethical conduct of personnel working under UNOPS Individual Contractor Agreements, to the extent that it is applicable.

The Secretary-General's bulletin ST/SGB/2002/13 presents and explains United Nations staff members' basic rights and duties arising from, inter alia, General Assembly resolution 52/252 of 8 September 1998, the Charter of the United Nations, the Staff Regulations of the United Nations and the Standards of conduct for the international civil service (2001).

Executive Director's report of cases of misconduct that have resulted in the imposition of disciplinary and administrative measures, 2010-2012

Ethical standards of UNOPS suppliers

UNOPS requires its suppliers to adhere to the highest ethical standards, both during the bidding process and throughout the execution of a contract. UNOPS has a zero tolerance policy towards unethical behaviour and corrupt practices, including bribery, extortion or coercion, fraud and collusion. Please refer to Procurement Policies for more information.

UNOPS Ethics Office

To advance United Nations reform and as part of its commitment to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency, UNOPS has its own Ethics Office.

The Ethics Office is the focal point for ethical issues at UNOPS and in accordance with the Secretary General's bulletin ST/SGB/2007/11 of 30 November 2007 addresses the following:

Developing standards, training and education on ethics issues

Providing guidance to management to ensure UNOPS rules, policies, procedures and practices reinforce and promote the standards of integrity called for under the Charter of the United Nations

Providing confidential advice and guidance to staff on ethical issues

Raising staff awareness on ethical standards and expected behavior within the context of oversight as well as human resources development policies, strategies and programmes

Undertaking assigned responsibilities to protect staff against retaliation for reporting misconduct and for cooperating with duly authorized audits or investigations

The UNOPS Ethics Officer, David Mitchels, can be contacted at or +45 3546 7650.

How to report wrongdoing

UNOPS takes all reports of alleged wrongdoing seriously. Learn more about how to report wrongdoing.

Relevant UNOPS policies