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Creating a space for new voices​

By Katrin Lichtenberg | 13 July 2017
Multi-stakeholder initiatives: Is this a time for collective governance?​
Extreme poverty, economic and social inequities, climate change, natural disasters and refugee crises are just some of the challenges facing the world.





How can w​e deploy peacekeeping missions faster?​

By Andrew Reese | 28 March 2017
When it comes to peacekeeping missions, engineers are often the last to deploy. They should be the first. Here’s why.


Is counting fallen buildings useful​?​

By Ian Rector  | 17 November 2016
Almost weekly, we read of damage and loss of life attributed to cyclones, earthquakes and floods. But what do we learn from these events?






Efficient public procurement is necessary for red​ucing poverty​

By  José Moscoso | 17 ​February 2017 

The world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations are the most dependent on public goods and services. They feel the brunt of waste and corruption in public procurement more than anyone else​. Here’s how we can contribute to making it better.​​ ​


How to build a ​humane prison

By Gordon Nuttall and Pedja Jurisic | 3 November 2016
​Prison infrastructure often hinders the dignified treatment of prisoners. But it doesn’t have to.






Leaving more than just a building​

By Brendan Keirnan | 18 ​January 2016

A lack of local skills can ultimately doom a development project before it even starts. Here's how we can address it.​


How infrastructure defines our climate​
By Ro​b Jones | 10 October 2016
A crucial part of the​ fight against climate change and globa​l warming is often overlo​​​​oked: the role of infrastructure.​​​​