UNOPS partners with leading Spanish engineering association

Infrastructure projects in Spanish-speaking countries are set to benefit from a new partnership between UNOPS and Tecniberia.

Tecniberia is a Spanish non-profit association that gathers 120 engineering, consulting and technical services companies. It contributes to the development and promotion of industry best practices. It is a member of several national and international associations, and serves on the Board of Directors for the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations and the Pan American Federation of Consultants.

Under the partnership, Tecniberia will review the Spanish versions of UNOPS construction contract templates and related documents, to ensure they comply with the highest industry standards. The documents are based on those created by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

FIDIC-based contracts clearly define the parties’ respective obligations and set forth fair and clear procedures for successful project implementation. Using FIDIC-based contracts enhances efficiency, lowers risks and improves quality for all project stakeholders. The use of FIDIC-based contracts will also help strengthen the capacity of partners by promoting industry best practices.

In addition to the contracts, UNOPS has developed construction guidelines, as well as standards for supervision, testing, health and safety, and quality control that will also help strengthen the capacity of partners. UNOPS FIDIC-based contracts have been tailored for use by United Nations entities and guarantee that the interests of donors, governments, UNOPS and its contractors are protected in a professional and transparent way.

According to Nick Gardner, UNOPS Head of Construction Management: "Well designed and constructed public infrastructure contributes to the sustainable development of local communities, in terms of health, education, social and economic development, as well as the protection of the environment. This partnership will help ensure the highest industry standards in infrastructure projects implemented by UNOPS in Spanish-speaking countries."

Tecniberia Executive Director Ángel Zarabozo added: "The partnership between UNOPS and Tecniberia reflects our two organizations’ commitment to provide high quality and global engineering services with a view to optimizing the design, construction, maintenance and use of public infrastructure."


UNOPS is a central resource for the United Nations system in physical infrastructure development and procurement, including related capacity development activities. Every year, it assists a wide range of partners in implementing around US $1 billion worth of projects. In Latin America, for example, UNOPS is currently providing technical and project management expertise for the construction of Nicaragua’s largest hospital. In Peru, it has supported the construction or repair of rural roads, schools, health clinics and water networks, and helped communities become more climate-resilient by reducing flooding and erosion risks for infrastructure in El Salvador.