UNOPS Executive Director concludes first official visit to Jordan

UNOPS Executive Director, Grete Faremo, visited Jordan this week, where she met with Government representatives, members of the international community and visited Syrian refugee camps.

During her three-day visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ms. Faremo met with a number of high-level representatives to discuss how UNOPS and the wider UN community are helping the country achieve its priorities and respond to the Syrian refugee crisis.

In her Ministerial-level meetings with the Government of Jordan, Ms. Faremo discussed UNOPS role in supporting the Jordan Response Plan (JRP), and efforts to facilitate a more meaningful role for the private sector as a contributor to Jordan's national priorities.

Ms. Faremo also commended the Government of Jordan for their continued and relentless commitment to accept and provide services to the Syrian refugees, recognizing the extraordinary pressure the influx has placed on Jordan's limited resources.

Ms. Faremo visited Za'atari and Azraq Refugee Camps, where Jordan – in partnership with the international community ‒ has extended all available resources to support those who fled the conflict in Syria. There, she met with the representatives of SRAD, and visited UNOPS projects in the camps.

"During my visit to Za'atari refugee camp, I saw the community police stations which were constructed by UNOPS. The police officers have contributed to reducing tensions and insecurity in the camp, and made the environment safer for the refugees and service providers; I listened to our partners talk about the difference that the ambulances and other essential equipment procured by UNOPS made in their daily work; and I heard from our UN colleagues the way in which our services help their activities," Ms. Faremo stated.

She added: "The needs remain significant, but I am proud that UNOPS has been able to make even a small difference by helping our partners succeed; and we will continue along this path, for the benefit of Jordan and its people."

Ms. Faremo held other meetings, including with the UN and international community partners. 

"During my first official visit to Jordan, I was able to see first-hand the important role that Jordan plays in the region today, not only in terms of being a stable and secure refuge for those escaping conflict, but also serving as an example to the international community on how to respond to those in need. I have been very impressed with the commitment of the Government of Jordan and our partners to continue to provide services to the refugees, while at the same time, keeping focus on Jordan's medium and longer-term needs. I have been proud to see what UNOPS has been able to deliver in Jordan together with our partners in a relatively short time," noted Ms. Faremo.

Ms. Faremo advocated for increased support to Jordan from the international community in light of the strain the refugee crisis has put on the country's resources and host communities. She reiterated the need to focus on key sectors, as well as on ensuring the effective implementation of the JRP.

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