Press release: UNOPS supports the Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights to improve prison monitoring

Amman, Jordan, 16 March 2015 — The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR), Penal Reform International (PRI) and UNOPS have concluded a capacity-building programme to strengthen the monitoring, complaint and report-writing departments of the IHCHR.

​The programme was designed to enhance the knowledge of IHCHR staff on the preventive and protective role of the National Institutions for Human Rights and international standards for the inspection of detention centres for persons deprived of their liberty. Launched on 26 October 2014, the programme consisted of three training workshops and included several prison visits in Amman. Ten personnel attended the final training session and prison visit, an experience which combined hands-on experience with practical knowledge.

“Throughout the training courses, the participants focused on understanding the challenges facing the monitoring and inspecting teams and the instruments proposed to overcome these challenges,” said Ms. Nieves Molina-Clemente, UNOPS Programme Manager. “We are confident that this programme will enable the IHCHR to enhance its performance in the monitoring and inspection of detention centres”.

As a result of this initiative, the IHCHR will adopt the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ for prison monitoring that were developed throughout the programme.

This programme was conducted as a part of the EU‐funded project ‘Capacity Building of the Human Rights related Committees in the Council of Representatives and the Independent High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq’. UNOPS is responsible for enhancing the capacity of relevant human rights committees in the Council of Representatives and providing direct support to the IHCHR over a two‐year period.

For press inquiries, please contact:

Nieves Molina-Clemente, Programme Manager, Human Rights,, Tel: +964 780 195 881