Sustainability Report 2015
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​UNOPS first-ever Sustainability Report profiles the organization's work around the world in 2015. We are the first UN organization to report on sustainability using the Global Reporting Initiative model. "Our Common World" showcases UNOPS contribution to sustainable development, by profiling the organization and its people, partnership goals and work on the ground, as well as the impact of UNOPS operations on the planet. This and much more can be found in our new 2015 Sustainability Report, the first of more to come!​​

UNOPS Gender Brochure

The UNOPS Working for Gender Equality​ Brochure showcases projects that have effectively incorporated gender. It highlights the importance of including gender considerations in all project management, infrastructure and procurement activities, for lasting results. Upon this backdrop on the value of gender also come the voices of strong women, who have broken barriers and influence change around the world.


Future Proofing Procurement​

'Future Proofing Procurement' poses the ​question: How can we ensure that the procurement field is equipped to meet the world's most complex issues?

Contributors from across the public and private sector, as well as academia, propose innovative solutions to challenges in procurement – while also using procurement as a driving force to solve some of the humanitarian and development challenges of our time.


​2016 Annual Statist​ical Report on UN procurement 

The Annual Statistical Report on UN Procurement provides data and analysis on the goods and services procured by the United Nations system in support of its operations. 

Latin America and Caribbean Report: ​​Making public budgets become concrete outcomes
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The Report presents stories from projects UNOPS has supported in Latin America and the Caribbean throughout 201​4 and 2015. Here,​ we present a summary of work in the region, across 21 countries, where we have helped to strengthen local and central governments, and promote the transparent, efficient and effective management of public resources. 

Technical Gui​dance fo​​r Prison Planning 

​The Technical Guidance for Prison Planning document provides design and planning guidance toward the development of correctional infrastructure that meets human rights obligations. 

Based on the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and more recent international norms and standards, the manual puts forth a clear methodology and actionable parameters to achieve safe, decent, and humane detention facilities.  

UNOPS in Asia, Europe and Middle East brochure 
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The UNOPS Asia, Europe and Middle East brochure highlights examples of UNOPS support to its partners’ humanitarian, development and peacebuilding operations. UNOPS currently supports more than 250 projects in the region, which include procuring medical supplies, constructing vital infrastructure and improving livelihoods for people in need.​

2014 annual brochure: Serving people in need 
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UNOPS helps contribute to a UN "fit for purpose" by ensuring a high level of excellence and risk management in our implementation operations, while promoting resilience and national ownership throughout all of our work. This year's brochure provides an overview of who we are, where we work, our priorities and our main partners. It also showcases key results achieved in 2014 and examples from our work around the world, from Afghanistan and Haiti to Liberia and Myanmar. In 2014, we supported more than 1,200 projects in over 80 countries on behalf of our partners.

UNOPS: Around the world (The microsite is best viewed using Google Chrome.) ​​​​​

The "UNOPS: Around the world microsite provides an overview of where we work, highlighting some of UNOPS most successful projects in an engaging online format.  Prominent features of the site include: an interactive map; video footage from projects implemented by UNOPS in Haiti and Afghanistan; and an introductory video with UNOPS Executive Director, Ms. Grete Faremo, who speaks to the need to take strong action on the Sustainable Development Goals to 2030, building resilience in communities vulnerable to the effects of natural hazards and climate change. 

UNOPS Strategic plan 2014-2017 
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Sustainability, focus, excellence and an emphasis on national capacity – these are the key messages of UNOPS strategic plan, 2014-2017. The strategic plan provides direction and focus for UNOPS and states how we will contribute to the peacebuilding, humanitarian and development results of our partners. 


UNOPS F​actsheets
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Factsheets are available covering a range of topics including an overview of our organization, our services, partnerships with specific organizations and project examples.