UNOPS first-ever Sustainability Report profiles the organization's work around the world in 2015. We are the first UN organization to report on sustainability using the Global Reporting Initiative model. "Our Common World" showcases UNOPS contribution to sustainable development, by profiling the organization and its people, partnership goals and work on the ground, as well as the impact of UNOPS operations on the planet. This and much more can be found in our new 2015 Sustainability Report, the first of more to come!​

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​UNOPS Global Reporting Initiative Content Index

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Content Index for 2015 contains references to the required GRI disclosures or reasons for omission, as well as additional data and information to complement the 2015 Sustainability Report. The Index has been prepared in accordance with GRI guidelines and complies with its Core option. It contains the material sustainability topics that UNOPS has identified as arising both from our organizational impacts (the inside boundary), as well as our operational impacts (the outside boundary).

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UNOPS Greenhouse Gas Inv​​entory Management Plan 2016 (IMP)

Under the UN’s Climate Neutral commitment, UNOPS is required to complete a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory and related Inventory Management Plan (IMP) every year. The GHG Inventory results and IMP also feed into UNOPS Annual Report to the Executive Board and annual Sustainability Report. The IMP allows UNOPS to better understand and keep track of its corporate emissions, activity data and internal assets. The IMP is filed together with the GHG inventory each year.

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