Video Conferencing

How to join a UNOPS Video Conference

There are two ways to connect to a UNOPS Video Conference, depending on the capabilities of your own video conferencing equipment.

1. To join from a modern Video Conferencing unit which supports SIP URI Addresses (Email style)

If your video conferencing unit supports the SIP protocol, you can call using the URI address (Example: provided by the host of the conference.

To join, simply dial the SIP URI address using your remote or touch screen. 

2. To join from an older Video Conferencing unit using the H323 protocol via an IP address.

If your video conferencing unit only supports calling IP addresses using the H323 protocol, you can join a UNOPS video conference through our video communication server.

To join, simply dial the IP address: " number" for example

Phone number for room should be communicated by UNOPS representative/host  before video conference meeting takes place.