Moving Forward

Grete Faremo speaks on how the private sector can support achieving our global goals #ICSD2016

UNOPS Executive Director spoke at Columbia University at the annual International Conference on Sustainable Development in New York today.

Speaking on "Private Sector Support for Achieving the SDGs," Under Secretary-General Faremo and her four co-panelists discussed ways in which the private sector can contribute to a more sustainable future for those in need.

"Today, the need for investments to fulfill our common global ambitions, as articulated in the sustainable development goals, is measured in the trillions of dollars every year. It is quite clear that this will not be mustered in the forms of grants from country to country," Ms. Faremo explained at the one-day event.

"Investments on this scale will only come about when governments, the private sector and international organizations work together," she added.

The International Conference on Sustainable Development is hosted by The Earth Institute, Columbia University and their Center for Sustainable Development. Now in its fourth year, the conference brings together world leaders, development organizations, academia and the private sector to discuss sustainable development and the way forward.

​​Read the full speech here