Voices: Strengthening security in Palestine

"Working for UNOPS broadens one’s horizons relatively quickly." - Nafez Murad, Project Manager

​"Working for UNOPS broadens one's horizons relatively quickly. In my case, I started as a Chief Engineer, but became a Project Manager in less than three years. My current position allows me to work with many stakeholders, which is an eye-opening experience and gives me insight into all of UNOPS work.

"I am privileged to have had the opportunity to manage a variety of infrastructure projects in Palestine that promote security and rule of law. Acting as an implementer and a harmonizing liaison between the Palestinian Authority and international donors, UNOPS built the Palestinian College for Police Sciences, which trains nearly 700 male and female cadets and officers, the Small Arm Safety Training Facility, as well as a Community Police Station, to mention a few examples.

"I constantly strive to position UNOPS achievements on the international development map, in an attempt to attract new business opportunities that contribute to sustaining the Jerusalem office.

"After attaining a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, I started my career in the private sector, where I spent 21 years of my professional life, before starting my career with the United Nations. UNOPS has not only offered me a new spectrum of knowledge and experience, but has also enriched my personal and professional expertise, which it continues to do on a daily basis. In this regard, my time with UNOPS is incomparable to anywhere else.

"With UNOPS, I am in a continuous state of improvement, learning and acquiring countless skills on all levels."