Voices: Vicente Huaquisto - The driver, filer and stocker

“I am very proud to be a member of the UNOPS family. The projects and partners we work with really benefit those who need it most.” - Vicente Huaquisto, driver at UNOPS in Peru


Throughout 2015, we will be celebrating some of our key achievements, speaking to some of our longest-serving personnel and looking ahead to how UNOPS can continue our mission – serving people in need.


I joined UNOPS in July 1992, before it was an independent organization and when it was still a part of the United Nations Development Programme. I worked there for six months and I was in charge of filing and photocopying.

In 1995, UNOPS became an independent organization and I really hoped I would be able to work for them. I applied as soon as I could and was lucky enough to get a job. I would say that I am one of the last survivors from the very beginning.

Today, I am a driver for UNOPS in Peru, at their country office in Lima. I drive for the representative, but I am still in charge of filing and other logistical tasks. I take responsibility for ordering stock and making sure everything in our building is functioning properly – a jack of all trades really.

One main challenge I face in my day-to-day job is the traffic conditions in Lima, which are always unpredictable. This makes it difficult to calculate how much time it will take me to drive representatives to meetings, for example. I must navigate routes and always plan ahead.

I arrive at work 30 minutes before my shift begins, so that I can thoroughly check the car and make sure that everything works properly. With filing, I need to make sure that we have sufficient stocks, especially when we are hosting events or meetings.

I really enjoy my work at UNOPS. Our office supports central, regional and local governments and helps them to reduce costs and deadlines. We provide services to all public sector entities and decentralized organizations, focusing on social inclusion. Speed is of the essence when it comes to dealing with public-sector and our office is committed to efficiency, to ensure that help where it's needed most is delivered quickly and effectively.

All of this makes me very proud to be a member of the UNOPS family. The projects and partners we work with really benefit those who need it most.  Environmental issues are also very important to me and UNOPS is an organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment and in helping to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

I would say that the most challenging day I have had happened in 1992. There was a terrorist attack near the office, only three days after we had opened. I remember it very clearly ‒ it was on a Sunday, and I went to the office and all of the windows and the doors had been blown out. The event has made an impact on my life, even today.

I really cherish the interactions I have at work and meeting people that are involved in UNOPS work.  I would like to believe that a lot of the people I have worked with in the office will have good things to say about me, and I feel the same way towards them. I always try to help UNOPS personnel in any way I possibly can, and that makes me very proud.

Looking forward, I only envision a positive future for UNOPS.