Zahra Akbari,

Community Mobilizer, Afghanistan “Men are traditionally the head of the family so we need to engage and educate them on women’s rights… but day-by-day, month-by-month, year-by-year, I believe it wil... Read more

Shirani de Mel,

Senior Human Resources Associate, Sri Lanka "I am fortunate enough to have been a part of the inspiring work done by several agencies in different capacities, which has made my work very interesting and has gi... Read more

Kazuyo Mitsuhashi,

Project Management Analyst, Nairobi “I am inspired by colleagues who implement projects in challenging areas of the region, such as in Darfur, Mogadishu and remote areas of Somalia,” Read more

Nastas Andrić,

UNOPS Engineer, Serbia “Team work and efficiency are things I value the most in my role with UNOPS. We all have a wide range of knowledge and communicate so well with each other — I am one... Read more

Vicente Huaquisto,

driver at UNOPS in Peru “I am very proud to be a member of the UNOPS family. The projects and partners we work with really benefit those who need it most.” Read more

Tezy Nguizani-A-Tezo,

UNOPS Site Engineer, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) “The most difficult part of my job is being accepted and respected as a female engineer.” Read more


beneficiary of UNOPS training, Afghanistan. "After the training [...] we learned how to go out and purchase the materials ourselves. I realized that we have the ability to do what men do.” Read more

Linda Agbesi,

UNOPS Programme Support Officer, Ghana. “It was certainly time for me to be back home ‒ to help make a difference to the lives of my country people and those in neighbouring countries.” Read more

Nang Shri Seng Lao,

UNOPS Logistics Officer, Myanmar. “Each place that I work in has so much history and culture to explore and I am lucky enough to enjoy it all, while helping improve the health of local communities.” Read more

Ahmad Shahab Mobin,

beneficiary of UNOPS training, Afghanistan. “I hope that this capacity building programme will continue for engineering students in Afghanistan. Roads are very important for our country – the development of ou... Read more

Mina Al Omar,

Procurement and Logistics Officer, UNOPS in Jordan “One of the most important things about working for UNOPS for me is that we are helping people in need… I am very proud to tell others what I do every day.” Read more

Maria-Noel Vaeza,

former Director, Global Portfolio Services Office “I believe that I am a creative leader. A leader is somebody who can say ‘this is very good, but let's do better.’ A leader can inspire people to do things different... Read more

Antone "Tony” Maria,

Chief Mechanical Services Engineer, Jerusalem. "It means a lot to me that I have the opportunity to carry out important work so close to home. It is great to see things improve and to see that the effort that our... Read more

Chakib Belhassan,

Director of UNOPS in Sudan (former Director of UNOPS in Tunisia) “Without people, UNOPS is just a name. It is the people that make UNOPS what it is today.” Read more

Terry Githua,

Senior Project Support Officer, Nairobi. “In my work with various NGOs and government agencies in the region, I have noticed an upward trend in the representation of women in positions of power.” Read more

Bamidele Ilebani,

former Director of the Ethiopia Operational Hub “I love to see people move from a situation where they were economically disempowered, especially women, to a situation where some of them are able to build and mana... Read more

Rui Wang,

Supply Chain Officer, Ghana “A typical day? It’s very different to my life in New York. The work is very challenging, but knowing that we’re contributing to the fight against Ebola makes it all... Read more

Eranda Wijewickrama,

Senior Coordination and Reporting Assistant, Sri Lanka “There is no such thing as a typical day for me! Every day is different – that’s what I find most satisfying (and challenging) about this job.” Read more

Olivera Kostic,

Sector Manager for Competitiveness ‘European PROGRES’/Acting Project Manager for EU-funded Flood Relief Project, UNOPS Serbia “We have seen floods before in Serbia, but never anything on this scale. Within hours, the water had risen to roof level. Schools, homes and businesses were devastat... Read more

Taj Mohammad Wakily,

Driver, Afghanistan “During my 25 years as a driver with UNOPS, I have seen the office grow under 14 different directors; I have helped recruit nearly 200 drivers; and I was kidnapped b... Read more

Cecilia Smith,

Associate Portfolio Support Officer, Peace and Security Cluster “I have always wanted to work internationally in places where I felt I could make a difference. Copenhagen, Palestine, Somalia and now New York: one of the things I ... Read more

Peter Donelan,

Cluster Coordinator, Tanzania "We are helping improve the livelihoods of Tanzanians through creating better market access to the tourism industry, whether they earn their living by growing tomato... Read more

Ted Janis,

Operations Analyst, AEMO “My interest in peacebuilding brought me to UNOPS, first in New York and now in Copenhagen, but it was seeing UNOPS innovative approach that really got me excited ab... Read more

Renato Correggia,

Health Advisor, Somalia. “Developing health programmes that stop Somali men from participating in piracy, rehabilitating hospitals that have been out of commission for 20 years and procuring... Read more

Felix Frantzo,

Head of Operations, Haiti "I was first motivated to work in humanitarian aid because I wanted to participate in changing the world and making it a better place to live." Read more

Fiona Caldwell,

Human Rights Monitor, Baghdad, Iraq "Every day I must be prepared for any eventuality, as the environment I work in is not entirely stable." Read more

Asmahan Alawaisheh,

Site Engineer, Amman, Jordan (Za’atari Camp for Syrian Refugees) "The hardest part is to see how many children and elderly people are living as refugees in Za'atari camp." Read more

Brendan Kiernan,

Infrastructure Project Manager, Kosovo* The best things about my job are: being able to make a difference in people’s lives; work in different cultural contexts; and mentor local personnel to drive change.... Read more

Elizabeth De Benedetti,

Chief of Party, Afghanistan "I was only supposed to be in Afghanistan for three weeks, but I ended up staying 10 years. When I arrived in 2003, there was a transitional government, no elections... Read more

Shamima Tasmin,

Education, Gender and Community Participation Adviser "I have been asked why I think this project was a success, and the answer is simple. We asked the right questions... We didn't assume we knew all the answers." Read more

Yolanda Paredes-Gaitan,

UNOPS Environment and Social Expert "We came up with the idea of 'the Water Circus.' We thought this would be a unique way to speak to all of our audience members, raising awareness and ideas about gen... Read more

Ana Nedeljkovic,

UNOPS Programme Assistant “Implementing changes takes time; time to overcome stereotypes, time to overcome prejudices and time to understand what equality really means.” Read more

Jiries Awad,

UNOPS Project Engineer "If UNOPS left Palestine tomorrow, I would be able to say we have really made a difference to the way infrastructure is managed here – and improved the lives of my f... Read more

Donato Serena,

Portfolio Specialist "When I think of my experience as a Junior Professional Officer (JPO), I think of all the friendships I fostered, all my colleagues working in the Dakar office and m... Read more

Wolfgang Aigner,

European Partnerships Advisor "Working for the United Nations truly inspires me. I am part of a workforce whose daily development, humanitarian and peacebuilding contributions help improve the st... Read more

Philipp Von Waechter,

Portfolio and Grants Manager "At UNOPS, business as usual is not an option. In order to transform policies into action, we are always searching for new innovative ideas and operational improveme... Read more

Nafez Murad,

Project Manager "Working for UNOPS broadens one’s horizons relatively quickly." Read more

Giuseppe Mancinelli,

Deputy Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office (LCO) "The JPO experience was diverse and intense and it definitively shaped my career at UNOPS." Read more

Maria Chus,

Procurement Analyst, Advisory Services "I am working for an organization focused on project delivery, which means that I am able to see concrete results, something that I value greatly." Read more

Daniel Ziegler,

Programme Analyst "Working for UNOPS as a JPO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has helped me to better understand the complexities of political, humanitarian and development as... Read more

Jan Mattsson,

Former Executive Director "Being a JPO made me realize that the sky is the limit with regards to opportunities and your ability to make a real difference." Read more

Katrin Lichtenberg,

Senior Portfolio Manager, Water and Energy Cluster Head "I was privileged to be able to travel to and participate in many inter-agency and decentralized cooperation meetings – engaging with many people from both UN and no... Read more

Sebastiano Bagnasco,

Outreach and Partnerships Advisor "Working at UNOPS has given me the chance to be more involved in tangible infrastructure work. It is refreshing to be able to see the physical results of my work and... Read more

Mikko Lainejoki,

Director and Representative, Afghanistan Operational Hub "Being a JPO broadened my perspective on life and work, increased my confidence and taught me how to work in a very diverse environment." Read more

Pierre Jullien,

Director and Representative, Côte d'Ivoire Operations Centre "While the JPO programme was a learning experience for me, I was also able to share my own knowledge and skills with those I supervised later on." Read more

Mariacarmen Colitti,

Senior Partnerships and Liaison Advisor "UNOPS is a results-oriented organization – it therefore pushes me to perform at my best every day." Read more

Jaap van Hierden,

Director, UNOPS Cambodia "What I find most rewarding about working for UNOPS is its solutions-oriented work environment, where all staff, regardless of levels or contract types, are enabled ... Read more

Alexandra Kianman,

Project Manager “Working at UNOPS is challenging, varied and never boring” Read more

Nadia Chahdoura,

Communications Assistant, Tunisia “When I visited a project helping communities to increase the value of their olive, almond and fig production in Morocco, an old woman told me the olive oil she was ... Read more

Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam,

beneficiary of UNOPS advisory services, Bangladesh “The work done by UNOPS will help make sure the money invested into the project is well directed to achieve our goal of protecting the Royal Bengal Tiger in Banglade... Read more