Elizabeth De Benedetti,

Chief of Party, Afghanistan "I was only supposed to be in Afghanistan for three weeks, but I ended up staying 10 years. When I arrived in 2003, there was a transitional government, no elections... Read more

Shamima Tasmin,

Education, Gender and Community Participation Adviser "I have been asked why I think this project was a success, and the answer is simple. We asked the right questions... We didn't assume we knew all the answers." Read more

Donato Serena,

Portfolio Specialist "When I think of my experience as a Junior Professional Officer (JPO), I think of all the friendships I fostered, all my colleagues working in the Dakar office and m... Read more

Sebastiano Bagnasco,

Outreach and Partnerships Advisor "Working at UNOPS has given me the chance to be more involved in tangible infrastructure work. It is refreshing to be able to see the physical results of my work and... Read more

Mikko Lainejoki,

Director and Representative, Afghanistan Operational Hub "Being a JPO broadened my perspective on life and work, increased my confidence and taught me how to work in a very diverse environment." Read more

Felix Frantzo,

Head of Operations, Haiti "I was first motivated to work in humanitarian aid because I wanted to participate in changing the world and making it a better place to live." Read more