Philipp Von Waechter,

Portfolio and Grants Manager "At UNOPS, business as usual is not an option. In order to transform policies into action, we are always searching for new innovative ideas and operational improveme... Read more

Nafez Murad,

Project Manager "Working for UNOPS broadens one’s horizons relatively quickly." Read more

Giuseppe Mancinelli,

Deputy Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office (LCO) "The JPO experience was diverse and intense and it definitively shaped my career at UNOPS." Read more

Nadia Chahdoura,

Communications Assistant, Tunisia “When I visited a project helping communities to increase the value of their olive, almond and fig production in Morocco, an old woman told me the olive oil she was ... Read more

Peter Donelan,

Cluster Coordinator, Tanzania "We are helping improve the livelihoods of Tanzanians through creating better market access to the tourism industry, whether they earn their living by growing tomato... Read more

Olivera Kostic,

Sector Manager for Competitiveness ‘European PROGRES’/Acting Project Manager for EU-funded Flood Relief Project, UNOPS Serbia “We have seen floods before in Serbia, but never anything on this scale. Within hours, the water had risen to roof level. Schools, homes and businesses were devastat... Read more