Jiries Awad,

UNOPS Project Engineer "If UNOPS left Palestine tomorrow, I would be able to say we have really made a difference to the way infrastructure is managed here – and improved the lives of my f... Read more

Philipp Von Waechter,

Portfolio and Grants Manager "At UNOPS, business as usual is not an option. In order to transform policies into action, we are always searching for new innovative ideas and operational improveme... Read more

Jan Mattsson,

Former Executive Director "Being a JPO made me realize that the sky is the limit with regards to opportunities and your ability to make a real difference." Read more

Katrin Lichtenberg,

Senior Portfolio Manager, Water and Energy Cluster Head "I was privileged to be able to travel to and participate in many inter-agency and decentralized cooperation meetings – engaging with many people from both UN and no... Read more

Cecilia Smith,

Associate Portfolio Support Officer, Peace and Security Cluster “I have always wanted to work internationally in places where I felt I could make a difference. Copenhagen, Palestine, Somalia and now New York: one of the things I ... Read more

Antone "Tony” Maria,

Chief Mechanical Services Engineer, Jerusalem. "It means a lot to me that I have the opportunity to carry out important work so close to home. It is great to see things improve and to see that the effort that our... Read more