Intern experiences

Interning at UNOPS provides budding professionals with the opportunity to work in a truly international environment. As an intern, you can expand your skills while making a valuable contribution to an organization helping improve lives globally. But don’t take our word for it, read what some of our past interns have to say about their experience.

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Fabiola Hernandez - Ethics intern

“Working in an international environment allowed me to grow as a person and taught me how to adapt to new and challenging atmospheres. Having the opportunity to see our work come to life was extremely rewarding. It’s a great feeling to know what we do benefits millions of people around the world.”



Fred Abankwa - Infrastructure intern

“Interning at UNOPS was the best move I could have possibly imagined. Having worked for few years in the private sector, I felt I needed to know more about the development sector. UNOPS provided that blend of the two, which I found very useful.”



DaEun Lee - Graphic design and desktop publisher intern

“Working as an intern with UNOPS gave me professional experience in an international environment that accepts and transcends cultural differences. It also allowed me to develop my design skills and taught me how to effectively reach a wider audience through design.”



Iain McNeill - Partnerships and infrastructure intern 

“As an intern in Myanmar, I was able to contribute to a UNOPS team providing vital services at a crucial time in the country’s development. I was asked to research and develop partnerships with the private sector, which is a key area for UNOPS going forward.”



Lisa Hickman - Writer intern

“My internship widened my horizons in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Working with people from across the globe, who have experiences and knowledge I cannot begin to comprehend, challenged me to grow. Diverse people, varied worldviews, different strengths came together wonderfully for sustainable development and I was thrilled to be a part of it!”



Shirshah Amerkhail - Engineer intern

“Interning as an engineer at UNOPS taught me important techniques such as quality control, monitoring, construction and management of civil works, which will help me in the future. The internship provided a great opportunity for me to put my theories in to practice.”



Laura Hulley - Writer intern

“At UNOPS you are made to feel like an integral part of the team from day one. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most driven, motivated and passionate people I have ever met, and gained a fascinating insight into the workings of both UNOPS and the wider United Nations system.”



Tomas Rosales - Partnerships intern

“The diversity in the workplace at UNOPS in Myanmar was amazing, and I truly enjoyed listening to people tell me about all the countries they have worked in and all the challenges they have faced. The internship really gave me an insight into the complexities of the development world.”



Maria Dolores Novella Dominguez - Spanish translation intern

“Translating stories and helping to communicate UNOPS work was highly fulfilling and enlightening and enabled me to learn about the wide variety of projects worldwide and the steps taken to ensure successful outcomes. The experience has further inspired me to develop a professional career at an international organization.”



Peter Rizov - Business intelligence and strategy intern

“My time at UNOPS allowed me to develop a better understanding of the complexity of international development and the necessity and benefit of strong coordination. It taught me that while nothing is perfect, there are committed, intelligent people working day and night to make things better.”



Marie-Ambrym Thivoyon - French translation intern

“Being a French translator intern at UNOPS gave me a great opportunity to practice my skills and gain professional experience. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and teamwork at the headquarters in Copenhagen.”




Aldo Monasterios  - Portfolio intern

“UNOPS was a dynamic, fun, fast-paced place to work, where I had the chance to interact with people from all around the world. I learnt that UNOPS not only encourages countries to work together, but also focuses on the environment and sustainability.”



Samantha Glavin - Writer intern

“I gained a first-hand look at how a United Nations organization functions and evolves. I also gained valuable insight into the changing development landscape and the new tools that non-governmental organizations and governments can use to engage with people around the world.”



Yiqi Mao - Graphic design and desktop publishing intern

“As a graphic design and desktop publisher intern, I felt so proud to work at UNOPS and use my skills to serve people in the world at such a great international organization. It was an experience that I am sure will benefit my future career.”




Naomi Ng - Online communications intern

“As an online communications intern, I was given many responsibilities and felt a great sense of autonomy. It is rewarding to work in an organization that strives to communicate the development stories the world needs to know.”