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Procurement services on behalf of the Global Fund in Myanmar. Photo: UNOPS

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Please read this year end letter for 2014 by Therese Ballard, Director of the Sustainable Procurement Practice Group at UNOPS.

Bid protest

Suppliers perceiving that they have been    unjustly or unfairly treated in connection with the solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract may lodge a complaint directly with the UNOPS General Counsel, Mr James Provenzano, at

Personnel involved in the procurement activity will not participate in the review of the protest but may be consulted for clarification at the General Counsel's discretion. The response issued by the General Counsel will reflect the final formal position of UNOPS on the matter. UNOPS ensures an independent bid protest process for all suppliers.

Gifts and hospitality

UNOPS has adopted a zero tolerance policy on gifts.

Publicity and use of the name, emblem or official seal of the United Nations or UNOPS

Vendors are reminded that United Nations General Assembly resolution 92(1) 1946 restricts the use of the name and emblem of the United Nations and UNOPS.

Vendors shall not advertise or otherwise make public for purposes of commercial advantage or goodwill the fact that they have a contractual relationship with the United Nations or UNOPS.

Furthermore, vendors shall not in any manner whatsoever use the name, emblem or official seal of the United Nations or UNOPS, or any abbreviation of the name of the United Nations, in connection with its business or otherwise without the written permission of the United Nations or UNOPS.