How to supply to us

All UNOPS suppliers must abide by the UN Supplier Code of Conduct and comply with UNOPS General Conditions of Contract which contain specific provisions proscribing landmines, child labour, sexual exploitation and supporting the fundamental rights of workers.

Suppliers are strongly encouraged to join the UN Global Compact and join the United Nations in working towards the vision of a sustainable and inclusive global economy which delivers lasting benefits to people, communities, and markets. UNOPS does business only with those vendors sharing its respect for fundamental human rights, social justice, human dignity and equal rights of men and women, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

Apply to become a UNOPS supplier

UNOPS is a member of United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM), the common procurement portal of the ​United Nations system. UNGM acts as a single window through which potential suppliers may register to access a global market of over $15 billion annually across UN organizations. All UNOPS suppliers must be registered with UNGM. If you have any questions regarding the UNGM, such as registration with the UNGM or the tender alert service, please contact

UNOPS is interested in diversifying its supplier base and finding suppliers of quality goods and services at competitive prices, especially from developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

UNOPS current procurement needs are published in UNGM. These opportunities are also available as a live feed in our 'Business opportunities' section.

Our short- to medium-term procurement needs are laid out in quarterly procurement plans. In addition, you may wish to review the Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement for the past procurement profiles of many UN organizations including UNOPS.

In order to foster effective competition and to increase transparency, UNOPS is making project procurement plans available to the public. By notifying the supplier community of forthcoming procurement requirements, UNOPS expects to increase the probability of receiving responsive offers and increase competition and transparency.

The UNOPS procurement plans are provided in an Excel format that allows for comfortable searching and filtering: Procurement Plan ​2017 all regions

Subscribe to receive regular tailored UNOPS business opportunities

​Subscribe to receive regular, tailored UNOPS business opportunities by emailing UNGM.

UNGM offers a tender alert service, which allows registered suppliers to receive automatic alerts for tendering opportunities that match the supplier's offering of goods or services. Please register with UNGM and choose this service to receive an automatic notification of the most recent business opportunities from UNOPS and other UN organizations.


Submit ​​​your solutions on the UNOPS Possibilities portal

The UNOPS Possibilities Portal invites small- and medium-sized enterprises to demonstrate how your product or service can enhance the possibilities of our projects, with the aim of improving the results of our work around the world, in service of people in need.