What we procure


UNOPS is a central resource of procurement in the United Nations system, procuring goods, services and works valued at around $800 million annually. UNOPS procures across 150 countries, with more than 70 percent of goods and services being procured from developing countries or economies in transition.

While UNOPS has a wide range of procurement needs in its offices worldwide, the following goods are among those commodity groups most frequently required by UNOPS:

  • Motor vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, ambulances and armoured vehicles

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, such as medicine, contraceptives, vaccines, disposable medical supplies and diagnostics tests

  • Information technology and telecommunications equipment

  • Security, safety and law enforcement equipment, including demining equipment

  • Building, construction and manufacturing components and supplies

  • Fuels, fuel additives and lubricants

  • Building and construction machinery and accessories

  • Furniture and furnishings, for example for schools and hospitals

  • Laboratory measuring and testing equipment

  • Power generation and distribution machinery

  • Mineral, textile, and inedible plant and animal materials

  • Printing, photographic, audio and visual equipment and supplies

  • Material handling and conditioning, as well as storage machinery, accessories and supplies

  • Electrical systems, lighting and components

  • Camping and shelter equipment and supplies

  • Other items, including complex technical equipment

The following types of services are among those most frequently required by UNOPS:

  • Building and facility construction and maintenance services

  • Security and safety services

  • Engineering, research and technology-based services

  • Management and business professionals and administrative services

  • Transportation, storage and mail services

  • Humanitarian aid and rural development services

  • Education and training services

  • Public utilities and public sector-related services

  • Editorial, design, and graphic and fine art services

  • Environmental services

  • Financial and insurance services

Further information on business opportunities can be found in the 'How to supply to us' section.