2. How can I find out if the products and services I offer are procured by UNOPS?

Our current procurement needs are published in the 'Business opportunities' section. Our short- to medium-term procurement needs are laid out in our procurement plans. For your market research and to see if your company's offering suits our needs, please look through the overview of products and services procured by UNOPS.

3. What kind of evaluation criteria does UNOPS use to evaluate offers?

As part of the UN system, UNOPS uses a range of evaluation criteria to evaluate offers. These include:

  • Acceptance of the UNOPS contract template, general terms and conditions, payment terms, liability, legal capacity, etc.

  • Technical requirements (fit for purpose/knowledge)

  • Delivery terms and time

  • Recognized international/national standards

  • Supporting documentation

  • Proven production capacity and financial strength

  • Warranty conditions

  • Appropriate after-sales service and support

  • Previous contract references

  • Price, total cost of ownership, life cycle costs

  • Licenses, certificates

4. Are there mandatory requirements for doing business with UNOPS?

Yes. As a condition of doing business with UNOPS, it is necessary that suppliers, their subsidiaries, agents, intermediaries and principals cooperate with the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) of the United Nations, UNOPS Internal Audit and Investigations Group (IAIG) as well as with other investigations authorized by the Executive Director and with the UNOPS Ethics Officer (during preliminary reviews in line with UNOPS whistle blower policy) as and when required. Such cooperation shall include, but not be limited to, the following: access to all employees, representatives, agents and assignees of the vendor; as well as production of all documents requested, including financial records.

Failure to fully cooperate with investigations will be considered sufficient grounds to allow UNOPS to repudiate and terminate the contract, and to debar and remove the vendor from UNOPS list of registered vendors.

5. Which procurement policies does UNOPS adhere to?

UNOPS adheres to specific and general UN procurement policies that can be found on the 'How we procure' page.

6. How can bid protests be issued?

Suppliers perceiving that they have been unjustly or unfairly treated in connection with the solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract may lodge a complaint directly with the UNOPS General Counsel, Mr James Provenzano, at

7. What is the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)?

The United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) is the United Nations internet procurement portal used by 26 UN organizations as their vendor registration and sourcing platform. These UN organizations represent 99 percent of the total UN procurement spend, which amounts to approximately $15 billion annually for all types of products and services. UNGM is the common platform for the announcement of business opportunities and contract awards by UN organizations. The portal's strategic value lies in its ability to integrate e-procurement solutions and enterprise resource planning systems within the UN system. UNGM also provides significant support to UN organizations in conducting due diligence for suppliers and disseminating information on vendor sanctions.

UN procurement practitioners can use UNGM to search for vendors, check that vendors are eligible for doing business with the United Nations, and publish procurement notices, contract awards and long-term agreements (LTAs). UN staff can also access the Kompass database from UNGM and assist vendors who do not have access to the internet to create a UNGM account. In addition, UNGM also hosts relevant information for procurement practitioners in the UN, such as training material, guidance material on sustainable procurement, and documents on the harmonization of procurement within the UN system.

The UNGM provides an excellent springboard to introduce vendors' products and services to many UN organizations, countries and regions by completing only one registration form online. For vendors, the UNGM provides a range of services such as the publication of business opportunities and an automated tender alert service (TAS) to which vendors can subscribe.

If you have any questions regarding the UNGM, such as registration with the UNGM or the tender alert service, please contact