Sustainable procurement

​​UNOPS is a central procurement resource for the United Nations system and its partners. We emphasize efficient, transparent, cost-effective and sustainable delivery of goods and services.




UNOPS procures a range of goods for partners, such as this tractor being unloaded in Tajikistan. Photo: UNOPS


Procurement is an integral part of the work of UNOPS, which supports partners in ensuring the sustainable and timely implementation of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. With over 30 years of specialized experience, UNOPS is the provider of choice for many partners.  


We procure around $800 million worth of high quality goods, works and services each year, on behalf of partners, which include: the United Nations; donor and recipient governments; intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations; international and regional financial institutions; foundations; and the private sector.


UNOPS partners benefit from a focus on quality procurement, highly competitive prices, experience in disaster and emergency response, and international reach. Our global buying power and long-term agreements give UNOPS considerable leverage with suppliers and ensure cost savings for partners. 



UNOPS supports partners through a variety of high-quality procurement services:

​​ ​​
​Procurement agent services Specialized procurement support

Pr​ocurement advisory​ services​


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Interested in procuring goods or services through UNOPS? Please complete our client request form or contact us directly. For general questions and statistics on UNOPS procurement, read our Frequently Asked Questions section.


​UN Web Buy

UN Web Buy is an electronic catalogue with a range of goods available for eligible users, providing them with high-quality procurement services at competitive prices. The catalogue offers a range of goods such as more than 200 types of vehicles, motorcycles, armoured vehicles, ambulances, heavy trucks and buses used in delivering humanitarian aid, post-disaster situations, infrastructure projects and more; a wide variety of solar power equipment and systems to introduce alternative energy solutions; and products such as hybrid generators and other equipment. Managed by UNOPS, UN Web Buy consolidates procurement volumes to gain economies of scale for partners. Read more about UN Web Buy or visit the site to register.


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    Nastas Andrić,

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United Nations Global Marketplace

UNOPS registers all suppliers with which it does business through the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM). UNGM is the United Nations internet procurement portal used by 26 UN organizations as their vendor registration and sourcing platform. These UN organizations represent 99 percent of the total UN procurement spend, which amounts to over $15.4 billion annually for all types of products and services. UNGM is the common platform for the announcement of business opportunities and contract awards by UN organizations. Visit UNGM.

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Our approach

UNOPS goal is to make sustainability an integral part of all its procurement practices. Procurement is sustainable when it integrates requirements and criteria that promote social progress, economic development, and the protection of the environment.

In addition to promoting sustainability, we help develop national capacity through employing local workers, providing on-the-job and specialized training, and expanding the procurement capacity of local authorities.

UNOPS also brings industry standards and operational excellence to development, ensuring our projects fully adhere to procurement regulations, respect our fundamental values and ethical standards, and provide our partners with transparent and cost-effective procurement services. Read more about our approach

UNOPS Procurement Manual

Procurement ManualThe goal of the UNOPS procurement process is to ensure that best total value is achieved when procuring goods, services and works while at the same time supporting UNOPS operations and mission. Four guiding principles underlie the UNOPS procurement process, ensuring the achievement of best value for money and the impartial and equitable treatment of suppliers.

This manual governs the procurement of all goods, services and works. It also governs the standards of conduct for all UNOPS personnel involved in the procurement process.

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Case studies

From procuring vehicles to improving rural access to goods and services in Afghanistan to making solar panels available for purchase on UN Web Buy, we deliver a wide range of procurement products and services worldwide. Read more below.