HR Services

As a United Nations organization with more than 30 years’ experience in development settings, UNOPS sources experts and field personnel to work in a range of sectors.

​HR management

UNOPS provides high quality human resources management services to United Nations organizations, international financial institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations. These services can range from one-off, customized solutions to long-term management support.

Human resources advice

With a network of regional offices as well as operations and project centres worldwide, UNOPS experts offer partners immediate and localized guidance on all aspects of human resources management. This includes information on United Nations rules and regulations, appropriate contractual modalities and up-to-date techniques and standards for managing performance, developing talent and guiding organizational change.

Recruitment, selection and contract management

UNOPS has more than 30 years' experience finding qualified, motivated and professional personnel to work in the world's most challenging environments. We can manage the selection and recruitment process from start to finish, including designing terms of reference, publishing vacancy announcements in web-based and print media, screening and interviewing applicants and negotiating contract terms on behalf of and in close collaboration with partners. By handling all aspects of personnel contracts and entitlements, UNOPS allows partners to focus on achieving their project goals.

Individual Contractor Agreement (ICA)

UNOPS is helping advance human resources reform in the United Nations system with its Individual Contractor Agreement (ICA). This flexible and all-encompassing contract modality engages personnel in an individual capacity and streamlines the recruitment process. Where appropriate, UNOPS can also offer other contract modalities to meet specific partner needs.

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