Project management tools

UNOPS uses robust, innovative project management tools to ensure high quality, efficient and cost-effective results, while promoting open communication with partners on their peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects.

These tools help increase our impact and efficiency by providing guidance and knowledge, as well as capturing best practices, thus ensuring quality delivery and cost cutting initiatives. They are also used to assist project teams throughout the project life cycle in areas such as business development, scheduling, engagement assurance, project handover, partner communication and project closure.

UNOPS custom-built management workspace is a state-of-the-art tool that integrates information about our projects, offices and partners, allowing project managers to have a global oversight of their projects through real-time information. Our results-based reporting tool helps  provide the most accurate data about completed activities, strengthening our focus on results. These and other tools help ensure better monitoring of outputs throughout the project cycle. 

Interactive online Partner Centre

Our project partner centre provides tailored, timely communication to partners and stakeholders on their projects. It also measures partner satisfaction by allowing users to give valuable feedback. This ensures UNOPS improves its projects on a continual basis.

Partners can register and view real-time data on all of their projects, including information on the goals and status of projects, details on who to contact and up-to-date financial information. Users can also access a range of project documents and receive email alerts when new documents are made available. In addition, partners can learn about UNOPS structure, services, achievements, pricing models and tools. Users can also access a range of multimedia resources on the management of projects in the development context. These hard-earned insights and detailed explanations help visitors to the site improve their project success rate.