Our services

UNOPS offers a wide range of tailored project management services in peacebuilding, humanitarian and development environments around the world, from basic transactional services to full programme implementation. Partners rely on UNOPS to supplement their own capacities, reduce risks and improve speed, quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Project management assessment

UNOPS works with partners to develop plans that increase their ability to deliver consistently effective and sustainable results. We offer high-quality project management assessments to allow partners to improve their portfolio, programme and project management. Read more

Project management advice

We provide tailored advice and guidance on best practices. These services help partners develop a business case, plan a project, adjust ongoing initiatives or improve stakeholder management. Our methodology aims to help partners develop a long-term approach to their operations, making it simpler to predict and improve the sustainability of development results. Read more

Sustainable project management

UNOPS offers advisory services that help partners establish and run their own successful project, programme or portfolio office (PMO). A PMO helps ensure that organizations use agreed-upon standards and best practices. It also provides crucial guidance for developing business cases, managing risks and improving performance. While providing advice on PMOs, UNOPS ensures that sustainable outcomes and approaches are incorporated into the design and running of projects. Read more

Project management office 

UNOPS can also manage a PMO on a partner’s behalf. A PMO run by UNOPS increases control over outcomes by ensuring effective planning, standardizing procedures, driving team performance, strengthening communications, managing risk, and improving operational efficiency. Read more

Project support services

UNOPS can provide financial, personnel and procurement services that improve our partners’ ability to deliver successful projects. These include contract and payment administration, as well as financial management. Read more

Project management tools

As part of the above services, UNOPS offers a complete set of innovative custom-built systems and tools to manage all stages of a project. Read more