​​​​​​UNOPS headquarters at the UN City uses wind energy, seawater and solar power to reduce the amount of traditional energy used for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation, demonstrating the UN’s concerted effort to promote environmental sustainability. Photo: Adam Mørk - 3XN

The UNOPS headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, along with our Africa Regional Office, Asia, Europe and the Middle East Regional Office and Global Portfolio Services Office. 

UNOPS is housed in the newly-built UN City complex, which is the central location for the United Nations organizations based in Copenhagen. Demonstrating the United Nations' commitment to environmental sustainability, the complex has a number of energy-reducing and eco-friendly features that control the amount of energy used for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation. Read more


Our headquarters is comprised of the following three delivery practices, which provide oversight and guidance for our global range of projects in our core areas of expertise:


  • Sustainable Project Management Practice Group

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Practice Group

  • Sustainable Procurement Practice Group

We also provide a range of administrative services, including legal, internal audit, information technology and communications services.


The UNOPS Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and the heads of other key offices all sit at headquarters, managing a network of personnel both in Copenhagen and throughout our field offices. These groups support the various services that UNOPS offers its partners.


Read more about UNOPS senior management team


​The award-winning green complex will house more than 1,000 employees across the seven United Nations organizations based in Copenhagen. Photo: Adam Mørk - 3XN

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