UNOPS procured ambulances to support the Ebola response in Liberia. Photo: UNOPS/Juan Gaitan

UNOPS has been operating peacebuilding and development projects in Liberia since 2004, supporting partners such as the Liberian Government, World Health Organization (WHO) and The World Bank. UNOPS supports its partners in a range of areas, including infrastructure, project management and procurement, and also offers administrative, logistical and human resources support.

During the Ebola outbreak, UNOPS rapidly procured ambulances and medical waste incinerators and then deployed them across Liberia, helping the Government defeat this serious health crisis. Since the country was declared Ebola-free by WHO in May 2015, UNOPS has continued to work closely with local communities, international organizations and the government to support Liberia's recovery from the devastating effects of the disease.

Investing in infrastructure is key to raising the living standards of communities, and UNOPS is enabling its partners to make vital infrastructure improvements that will drive sustainable development in Liberia. From constructing roads and bridges to modernizing and rehabilitating hospitals and schools, UNOPS team of engineers bring many years of invaluable experience to infrastructure projects in Liberia.

UNOPS continues to provide efficient, transparent, cost-effective and sustainable procurement services for its partners in Liberia and is also involved in upgrading medical facilities across the country. By constructing new buildings we are helping to strengthen the country's capacity and resilience against future health emergencies.

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Catherine D. Gbelleinah, a pharmacist, works by torch-light at the C.H. Rennie Hospital in Margibi County, Liberia. The UNOPS Emergency Ebola Response Project is working to rebuild 45 medical facilities across the country, repairing life-saving services such as electrical systems. Photo: UNOPS/Grainger Laffan

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