​​​​​​​​​​​​​UNOPS and the Asia-Pacific Smart Agriculture & Food Safety Industry Demonstration Zone representatives visit the Australian Dairy Park in Melbourne to learn about top quality, food safe products and discuss potential partnerships. Photo: Vanbon

The UNOPS office in China is fostering global innovation and improving world health through the strategic support of projects in northeast China.

In Changchun, UNOPS supports the Asia-Pacific Smart Agriculture & Food Safety Industry Demonstration Zone by contributing to an innovative business model that includes a Code of Practice ensuring food safety and integrity.  The project upgrades agricultural and food industries in the region using a range of techniques including capacity-building, promotion, and facilitating public-private partnerships contributing to producing safe, trusted food in a clean environment where business prospers.

In a project in Fangshan, close to Beijing, UNOPS is helping create a global hub for innovation – a sustainable, equal and innovative ICT cluster.  Created in 2015, the Global Innovation Zone provides a forum and platform for creativity and new company creation. UNOPS aims to ensure sustainability and that UNOPS core values are incorporated into the project. In addition, UNOPS is developing a tool kit that ensures higher rates of success that can be used worldwide.

Together with the Asia-Pacific Smart Healthcare Demonstration Zone in Beidaihe, UNOPS will help address challenges associated with China's aging societies, increasing medical expenses and diseases that threaten global health and well-being by providing advisory services and facilitating global partnerships. The project will focus on cancer diagnostics and treatment, smart healthcare for chronic disease control, brain study and Alzheimer treatments, and lifestyle coaching with tai chi and meditation.