Sri Lanka

​Suduwella, a fishing village, is home to one of 20 fishing harbours and anchorages built by UNOPS in Sri Lanka, with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The number of people participating in fishing activities in the area has increased by 70 percent since 2011, and the number of female participants has doubled since the project began. Photo: UNOPS

UNOPS operations in Sri Lanka include customized social and economic development projects that build national capacity by involving local contractors. This includes infrastructure services such as the construction of schools, hospitals, water networks, urban sewerage and drainage facilities, harbours and anchorages, waste management facilities as well as climate change mitigation. We also provide a range of advisory services, to help local authorities sustain new infrastructure systems and raise community awareness about solid waste management.

UNOPS projects in Sri Lanka are recognized for their efficiency and high quality of delivery. For example, a project that helped revitalize the fisheries sector in seven districts, implemented by UNOPS and the Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development, won the 2012 UNOPS Project of the Year Award.

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UNOPS in South Asia

UNOPS oversees projects in South Asia from an operational hub in Sri Lanka. In addition to Sri Lanka, the hub provides technical, operational and administrative support to five other countries that are members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives and Nepal. UNOPS work in the region focuses on high quality sustainable infrastructure and procurement services, while delivering projects in a timely manner by using the most relevant technologies. These projects provide social and economic benefits to vulnerable populations across South Asia and contribute to poverty eradication.

Projects are implemented in cooperation with national governments, donors and United Nations organizations.

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​UNOPS is helping renovate and equip schools across Sri Lanka, with funding from various donors. Siri Sumana College in Southern Province is one of the renovated schools that are helping improve girls’ access to education. Photo: UNOPS/Benjamin Dixie

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