​​​In Argentina, UNOPS helped increase access to social services by supporting the Ministry of the Interior in its roll-out of a new type of identity card, procuring all the goods necessary to produce over 10 million cards. Photo: UNOPS

Since 1995, UNOPS has supported the Government of Argentina in achieving tangible and sustainable results that directly benefit millions of Argentines. This support has included improving access to public health and new technologies for seismic risk monitoring. 

UNOPS activities in Argentina are focused on delivering high-quality procurement and infrastructure services tailored to the needs of the Government, in a timely and transparent way.

We collaborate with the United Nations Development Programme and national and provincial institutions to ensure coherence and sustainability in the projects we support. In addition to implementation and transactional services, we also provide advice and technical support to ensure public institutions can design and deliver services with lasting outcomes. As part of our strategic partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, we also provide environmental management services. Other key partners include multilateral development banks, such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and CAF – Development Bank of Latin America. 

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In addition, UNOPS supports multi-country programmes that also have activities within Argentina:
Small grants
​Water and energy

Regional support

From its office in Buenos Aires, UNOPS also provides supervision and administrative support to projects in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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UNOPS procured 120 ambulance on behalf of Argentina's Ministry of Health in 2011, supporting a national programme to provide an effective and high quality healthcare system to citizens. Photo: UNOPS

    • Vicente Huaquisto,

      Vicente Huaquisto,

      driver at UNOPS in Peru

      “I am very proud to be a member of the UNOPS family. The projects and partners we work with really benefit those who need it most.”

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