UNOPS supports the implementation of a range of projects in Colombia, with a focus on health, infrastructure and sustainable resource management. Photo: UNOPS/Daniel Peña


UNOPS has been working with partners in Colombia since 2012, supporting UN agencies and the Government with the implementation of a range of projects with a focus on health, infrastructure and sustainable management of energy and natural resources. UNOPS also provides administrative, advisory and related services to partners in the country.

UNOPS is helping the Fondo Adaptación, a governmental entity, in the recovery and reconstruction of areas affected by La Niña, a cyclical weather system that causes flooding and torrential rainfall. UNOPS is performing the evaluation of technical designs for key infrastructure projects, such as those to construct or rehabilitate bridges and roads in affected areas. UNOPS is also working closely with the Fondo Adaptación to improve health facilities and services for Colombians. Currently, UNOPS is supervising the design and approval of 36 health infrastructure projects across the country, which will eventually provide small hospitals and clinics for local people. Furthermore, UNOPS is also advising on the procurement of works and medical equipment.

Public works and physical infrastructure are key areas of our work in Colombia. As such, UNOPS is acting as the executing body for the Colombian Government's Departamento para la Prosperidad Social (DPS), which heads the Sector for Social Inclusion and Reconciliation. As part of the programme 'Improvement of Conditions of Occupancy', UNOPS is working on 2,023 home improvements in the Departments of Chocó, Bolívar and Atlántico, in order to meet minimum housing conditions in terms of water, sanitation, lighting, ventilation, use of safe materials and improving bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Our focus is always on developing national capacity, and in Colombia UNOPS is working in an advisory capacity in many projects, sharing expertise and collaborating with local authorities. For example, UNOPS is providing training in procurement to different public bodies, including the Bogota Mayor's Office, helping to strengthen anti-corruption efforts and increase efficiency and transparency in public administration. We also support the work of the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, among others, helping to improve the lives of people in need in Colombia.


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In the Chocó and Caribe regions, UNOPS, in partnership with the Colombian Government, are improving the quality of living conditions for vulnerable residents. Photo: UNOPS

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