El Salvador

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Together with national port authorities of El S​alvador, UNOPS provides assistance in modernizing and optimizing San Salvador International Airport to enhance commercial outcomes. Photo: UNOPS/José Mauricio Pineda

UNOPS supports partners in El Salvador in implementing a range of projects with a focus on health, disaster risk reduction, transportation and agriculture. This support comes through a variety of services, including project management, infrastructure, procurement, human resources and advisory services.

We collaborate with various partners to ensure lasting results, including the Government of El Salvador, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.  

UNOPS is working with the Government of El Salvador’s Ministry of Public Works and UNDP to improve infrastructure through multiple projects in an effort to build resilience to climate-related risks throughout the country. UNOPS is evaluating technical designs of roads and bridges, and improving key infrastructure, including a 216-metre concrete channel to help mitigate the effects of heavy rainfall. UNOPS-supported projects implemented under UNDP and the Ministry of Public Works have benefitted approximately 150,000 people between 2010 and 2015.

Projects also work with the national ports authority of El Salvador to support logistics and enhance commercial outcomes. This includes providing technical assistance for pre-investment studies, and assistance to modernize and optimize San Salvador International Airport and various ports, such as Acajutla.  

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, UNOPS helps improve access to public health through the procurement of services, equipment and ambulances funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. UNOPS also provides technical assistance to the Salvadorian Institute of Social Security for the rehabilitation of a hospital and medical unit, as well as in the procurement of ambulances and medical equipment.

UNOPS further supports the Government of El Salvador’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Rural Awakening Programme. The programme aims to significantly reduce poverty, economic inequality, and gender and social exclusion in the country through administrative support services, including fund management, human resources and procurement services to the Government of El Salvador.

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UNOPS and the Ministry of Public Works improved drainage systems along rural roads in efforts to build resilience to climate change. Photo: UNOPS/Aida Ariño-Fernández​​

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