​UNOPS supported the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security in the construction of this 110-bed hospital in Puerto Barrios. Photo: UNOPS

Since 1997, UNOPS has provided development support and technical advisory services in Guatemala in key sectors such as health, education, security, rural development and the environment. UNOPS has also supported the Guatemalan governance agenda since peace agreements were signed in 1996, ending 36 years of civil war.

UNOPS supports governance efforts in Guatemala through implementing development projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank. UNOPS focuses on supporting the government to achieve sustainable development goals in a more efficient, cost-effective and transparent way. Through providing services in project management, infrastructure and procurement, UNOPS helps expand the capacity of the government to better serve people in need.

Read more about the IDB-UNOPS agreement to support Central America and the Caribbean.

UNOPS also works alongside the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security (IGSS) in the construction of hospitals, design of new infrastructure and procurement of medical and non-medical equipment for IGSS's health clinics and hospitals nationwide, ranging from diagnosis, radiology and imaging equipment to medical furniture and computers.

View data on UNOPS work in Guatemala.

UNOPS Guatemala office has also been supporting regional development initiatives. Working with UN Women, UNOPS has promoted women's empowerment and economic growth in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua through the Women and Local Economic Development programme, which finances entrepreneurial initiatives led by women's groups in order to highlight and value their role in economic and social development. In addition, UNOPS supports rural development strategies through initiatives with the Central American Council for Agriculture (CAC) and the Regional Unit for Sustainable Rural Development in Central America and the Caribbean.


The project team discovered bone remains of a giant prehistoric armadillo on the building site of the Quetzaltenango hospital. Photo: UNOPS/Aida Ariño-Fernández

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