​A large-scale reconstruction project is benefiting more than 33,000 Haitian families whose neighbourhoods were destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. The 16/6 project is being jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, the International Labour Organization and UNOPS, with leadership from the Government of Haiti. Photo: UNOPS/Claude-André Nadon

UNOPS has supported Haiti and development partners in the country since 2004, delivering a broad range of projects. Since the 2010 earthquake, UNOPS has provided continuous project management, procurement and infrastructure support to Haiti, from early recovery and reconstruction to disaster risk reduction and sustainable development. Our services have transitioned from debris management and shelter construction to sustainable urban development, road and transportation services, health services, promoting the rule of law, sustainable rural development and support to United Nations organizations in Haiti.



In December 2014 the UNOPS procurement team in the Haiti office won a UNOPS Recognition Award, recognizing their outstanding use of sustainable procurement practices in housing and urban rehabilitation and the installation of solar street lamps.


Read UNOPS latest report highlighting how we have supported Haitians and development partners in the country. View data on UNOPS work in Haiti.


In addition, UNOPS supports multi-country programmes that also have activities within Haiti:


The 16/6 project created more than 15,000 working days and UNOPS hired 95 percent of its workforce from the local community. Photo: UNOPS/Claude-André Nadon

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