Helping Palestinian strategic leaders meet growing development needs

Development practitioners must select and rigorously manage development programmes and projects as fiscal constraints and the need for accountability increase.

​To aid senior leaders in Palestinian development, UNOPS conducted a series of Value for Money (VfM) workshops and Management of Value (MoV) workshops in Ramallah. Designed to meet the needs of senior leaders as well as their direct advisors and teams, the workshops explored how VfM thinking can improve decision making at different stages of programmes and projects, ensuring that growing development needs are met more effectively.

​The workshops will help strategic leaders apply the VfM and MoV concepts to their work, enabling them to demonstrate greater social development from funding and attract more investment in programming that benefits the Palestinian people.

"Maximizing value for money and achieving results using current financial resources are very important concepts," said engineer Bassam Shalan, Acting Manager of Housing at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Palestine. "It's highly relevant to Ministry projects, such as building roads and governmental building."

"Through these series of workshops, UNOPS is assisting the Palestinian Government and their development partners with making better evidence-based decisions," says Nick O'Regan Director of the Jerusalem Office and the Infrastructure and Project Management Centre of Excellence. "This will help them to maximize socio-economic impact within the current climate of increasing fiscal constraints, which requires managing development programming with more rigorously."

​​The workshop series started with the VfM workshop, with an explanation of the theory behind the concept itself and the concept's practical implementation through a variety of exercises. This was followed by a four-week remote distance MoV course. The workshops equipped participants with tools and techniques needed to enhance VfM on projects and programme levels.

​​ ​"Since it's a process that deals with using available resources to achieve the best results, we will achieve magnificent results if we implement this methodology with ministry projects," continues Bassam.

At the end of the MoV workshop, participants also took an exam to attain the internationally recognized MoV Certification by AXELOS Global Best Practice.