Improving livelihoods in East Jerusalem and the West Bank

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Adnan Husseini hosted a donors’ reception to present Mujtamana, a programme which focuses on strengthening resilience to improve livelihoods, particularly for youth and women, in East Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank.

The programme is implemented by UNOPS in partnership with the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Mujtamana contributes to improving social infrastructure, implementing crime prevention measures and creating access to job opportunities, particularly for marginalized and vulnerable groups. The programme aims to reduce school dropout rates, alleviate poverty and prevent drug abuse, violence and sexual exploitation in Palestine.

Central to Mujtamana is encouraging community engagement by working closely with local institutions and groups. UNOPS will support efforts to improve coordination between the government, national institutions and grassroots organizations to work together to address the challenges faced by Palestinian youth. The programme will target schools, youth and sports clubs, and women's associations, and will actively involve the private sector and policy-makers to work collectively towards long-term strategic solutions that increase local resilience.

Minister Husseini said of the programme: "The Government of the State of Palestine places great importance on the communities of East Jerusalem and Area C and the continued need to support the Palestinian people in those areas."