Institutional Maturity Programme for the Government of Palestine Ministry of Interior (MOI)

UNOPS is continuing its support to the Government of Palestine MOI in Ramallah through the ‘Institutional Maturity Programme.'

​​The Maturity Programme is a three-year, nationally-led initiative to increase civilian oversight of the Palestinian security sector. The MOI leads the programme, supported by UNOPS Palestinian and international technical experts, with funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

​​The intended impact of the programme is for the MOI to enhance operational, management and citizen outreach capabilities for efficient and effective civilian governance of the security sector. To enable this, UNOPS is working to standardize business processes, train and coach technical managers and develop organizational capacity to embed the processes and – where possible – digitalize key functions across the sector.

​During the first year, under the leadership of the MOI, over 180 officers from across the security sector defined and standardized more than 150 work procedures that reinforce the legislative framework. The procedures also mandate civilian oversight of legal services, research and studies, human resources, strategic planning, complaints management and media and public relations.

UNOPS has been actively supporting the security sector in Palestine since 2007, and has worked previously with the MOI and subsidiary security institutions on various capacity development, procurement and physical infrastructure projects.