Jerusalem first UNOPS office to use Sustainability Marker

Recognizing the importance of promoting sustainable development practices, UNOPS Jerusalem Operations Centre recently piloted the Sustainability Marker methodology.

Jerusalem was the first office to pilot the marker, which promotes sustainability through every stage of the project cycle, addressing the social, environmental and economic dimensions and encouraging national capacity development.

​UNOPS is committed to developing a working culture in which personnel can make informed decisions about how to best organize resources to increase sustainability in projects. The marker supports project teams and partners in their efforts to deliver projects that are appropriate to the local context and directly contribute to intended outcomes. While the tool can be applied throughout the project management cycle, the earlier it is used, the more likely it is that the project will maximize benefits for communities in each of the 25 sustainability themes the marker identifies.

The methodology is part of UNOPS larger effort towards embedding and capturing sustainability across its projects and will undergo continual development in collaboration with partners.

For further information about the Sustainability Marker please contact the team at: